Whisker Rubs: Developing the Masculine Identity

Started by woof, May 24, 2007, 05:00 AM

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This looks like a good book.


Whisker Rubs: Developing the Masculine Identity

From A Press Release
Book Description

Embracing God's intent and design between the sexes
Boys are falling further behind in school, spend more time in special education classes, are prescribed Ritalin or other drugs to control behavior and have a higher dropout rate than girls. Meanwhile, women now receive more bachelor's degrees than men (133 to 100), and they are more likely than men to become top executives in major corporations before the age of forty.

The sociological landscape between the sexes is clearly changing and not all for the good. In a society that was eager to embrace feminist ideology to right perceived imbalances, men and boys are now suffering the residual effects at home, in relationships, in school and in the workplace. And men are increasingly confused about their role in the world as media images of stupid or abusive fathers degrades and minimizes masculinity.

Don Otis, the author of Whisker Rubs: Developing the Masculine Identity suggests we have been sowing the seeds of social upheaval for decades without considering the consequences. "Lost hurting boys become hurting, angry men. Is this what our society wants to foster?" He chides the feminist movement for their nearsightedness and suggests the move to eradicate gender differences is hurting male-female relationships. "Weak men do not make good husbands and they make even worse fathers," says Otis. "A culture that de-masculinizes boys or men leaves a woman unprotected. Meanwhile, a woman who emasculates a man leaves herself vulnerable."

Boys who feel marginalized by social or media forces will find little motivation to take responsibility for their lives, let alone the lives of others. "Boys are less likely to want to grow up if being a man carries negative baggage or stigma. In the rush to create a culture of sameness, we educate the natural aggressiveness out of boys," explains Otis. He believes the trend toward masculinizing girls and feminizing boys is destroying the differences placed there by the Creator.

In Whisker Rubs, Otis doesn't pull any punches about what he sees happening to boys and men. Feminism has been a double-edged sword, providing some good opportunities for women but leaving boys and men gradually more confused about what's expected of them. He encourages men to push their sons and involve themselves in the lives of other boys. "God has placed men in the lives of other men and boys for a purpose-to push them beyond what they think they can do, beyond their zones of comfort."

Otis looks at what he refers to as "The stages of bewilderment," the five key phases of a man's life. Masculine development begins early and runs through the teenage years, mid-life, and into the so-called Golden Years. Next, he examines the forces that have led to the marginalization of men and boys. Lastly, Otis looks at what we must do, in churches, in schools, in relationships and in the media to develop a healthier view of maleness. "Masculinity is not a pathology for which men need to apologize, it's a God-given gift we can harness for his purposes."

About The Author:
Don Otis is the founder of Veritas Communications, a publicity agency based in Sandpoint, Idaho. He has worked as a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist with troubled boys and raised three sons of his own. He is also the author of Teach Your Children Well, Staying Fit After 40 and Trickle-Down Morality and his articles appear in national publications like Focus on the Family magazine.
Even a whole village can't replace dad, children need both parents.


It's time for the American male to stop serving in the armed forces, and let the feminists have their turn at that.

I served 6 years in the USMC, and based my years of service on a love for America and Equality for all. At NO TIME did I advocate the feminist superiority we see today.

As long as these trends continue, I will not defend this feminized cuntry. Perhaps the Islamic American Republic is the way to go.
Explaining misandry to a feminist is like explaining "wet" to a fish.

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