30% of mothers and 40% of fathers are abused [II]

Started by poiuyt, Jul 12, 2007, 07:05 AM

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Study: 30% of mothers and 40% of fathers are abused during a pregnancy II

Using data on a nationally representative cohort of pregnant women in US cities, this study examines the prevalence and correlates of interpersonal violence (IPV) -- physical, emotional, and coercion-control -- during pregnancy and 1 year after birth. Overall, 33% of mothers and 40% of fathers experience some form of IPV during or after pregnancy. ... Violence during pregnancy strongly predicted violence after pregnancy.

In todays rotting and decadent society, wether a woman is pregnant or not, she is entitled as of right to leave any relationship. It is precisely because males are denied this very right of leaving relationships that an incresing measure of violence is observed in all their associations with women. That is irrespective of how pregnant, lazy, disbled or whatever such a woman is.

[ Nowadays even 30 years after the end of a relationship a man can still be held responsible for the food, drink, clothing and shelter of a depandant pig mascurading as an adult. But the bigger shame is on those other men in office who permit such an outrage on another fellow ]

Every-body understands the vigour and determination with which living things naturally seek to repel parasites, pathogens, leeches, bloodsukers and other unsybiotic hangers-on. Why is it that such understanding is witheld in the case of males who wish to remove themselves from worthless relationships.

[ Glenn Sacks pretended not to understand Darren Macks actions. But the man was only ridding himself, like other threatened living things, of a harmful pathogen, who on divorce, in turn owed him no responsibilities at all ]



It cant be any suprise that those who blow hardest and most zealous for more state pork for women only, do so on account of themselves being free from any personal stake in it. Advocates for the State seldom risk anything of their own. 

Assuming male victims of male violence as female victims of male violence, could also gain other peoples property via the State on account of their victimisation, you will quickly see a very objective attitude towards standards here indeed.   

No amount of debate or discussion will dissuade an individual or group who stands to assuredly gain from injustice or exploitation. That is, unless they themselves face a possible impact from the injustice and exploitation that they freely advocate against others.

Do you think all these vocal womanists would stand for it, if alongside the State and innocent men, they themselves had to contribute something material of their own to all victims of violence in this society ? The answer is surely no. For in such a case they will immediately cry out as MRAs now do, for an ojective link between actual perpetration of real violence and on whom the punishments fall!!!

Mind you as has already been said elsewhere there are lethal consequences to those who attempt to live too well on injustices instigated on others. Look below to the nemesis of a mother who suborned by the State, kicked out a hard working father from his own home and childrens care in order to accomodate her crack head boyfriend.

A man is being hunted by police after a mother and her two children were found murdered in Greater Manchester.

...The children's father Fred Wizzart said: "Words can't describe the loss. No-one could ever replace them."

...Police last night named a 32-year-old suspect whom they are hunting in connection with what they labelled the "horrific murders".

Pierre Williams, who neighbours said was the mother's boyfriend, was described as about 5ft 8in (1.72m) and of medium build. Mr Williams, who grew up in Moss Side, Manchester, but lived in Birmingham more recently, has a tattoo on his right arm which says "cream" and more tattoos on his chest.

...Neighbours spoke of heart-rending scenes as members of the family, including Ms Samuels's former husband, Fred Wizzart, 38, a sales manager, arrived to be informed of the deaths. Jamie Smyth, 21, a neighbour, said: "I saw Fred. He was pacing the square with his head in his hands. He looked devastated."

...The parents separated early in the children's lives but, say friends, Mr Wizzart had been a loving father who paid close attention to their welfare.

The Gonzman

People miss the whole point on this.

I own a business.  I built it up.  I left off being a teacher, a professor, a performer - to have something which is MINE.  My conception, my execution of it, my heart, my soul, myself.

If someone came in and tried to rob me of it, be it vandalism, or what have you I would fight back.  It is an attack on ME.  I would kill to defend it, if necessary.

I am a father.  I was frantic one day when my son wandered off for fifteen minutes in the store when he was little (And any parent who says they wouldn't be needs to go hand their kids over to DCS and get sterilized.  NOW.)  If someone had tried to snatch my kids, I'd have killed them where the stood out of pure reflex; they'd have been dead before they hit the ground.  (Same deal).

With all that said, it is just polain fucking UNREASONABLE to expect people to take a loss of their life's work, or children, with aplomb.  Having some asshat in a black robe, who doesn't know you, and who refuses to listen to "irrelevant evidence" (READ:  That which might cause him or her to change their pre-judgment) say "It's okay" - it doesn't make it so.

Due process of law is a joke.  Even a lot of feminists will admit men get a shitty deal in court (Though they try to rationalize injustice as being legitimate, or that it's far better to punish a lot of innocent men to protect one innocent woman).

When you're being shafted, you are being stolen from.  You are having your kids kidnapped.  These are irreplacable - your life's work, your kids.  Your stereo?  Replaceable.  Your tools?  Replaceable.

Your kids?  Parents cry when they send their kids off to camp for a week, because they know that there is a week that is GONE.  Forever.  That they will not share with their kids.

If I took your kids, you'd be ready to kill me.  You'd want to rip my heart out with a rusty spoon to get them back.  And you're going to tell me that if I put on a black robe, and a plaque that said "Judge Gonzo" on my desk, you'd feel different?

Puh-lease.  Give me a fucking break.  Anyone who says different is either a lying sack of shit, or deserves to lose their kids.  It is not okay.

What's astounding isn't that we are having judges, cops, and exes murdered over this - what's astounding is that we don't have more.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am the MEANEST son-of-a-bitch in the valley.


Gonzo, that was a beautiful post. Do you mind if I share it on my blog?

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