Chivalry Gap

Started by typhonblue, Jul 19, 2007, 01:21 PM

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Sometimes I'm told by people that I'm a feminist. It's happened on this board and others.

A teacher of mine, who knew my politics _and_ disagreed with them, even suggested that some people might see me as a feminist.

I'll call myself a new frontier feminist.

Feminists say they want equality with men; that they want to embrace men's social mileu, take on the rights of men.

But, just like the oppression-embracing victims that they are, always stop short at the _responsibilities_ of men.

This is obviously a form of female oppression! After all, human growth is stunted without responsibilities. So these old fogies and Victorian matron-wanna-bes want their daughters hobbled by a lack of responsibilities. They're obviously tricked by the patriarchy into thinking freedom is someone _else_ taking responsibility for your actions. Women have been infantilized by the patriarchy!

No longer should women be excluded from this last bastion of male-exclusivity: chivalry. Women should hold themselves responsible for the _benefit_ of men; They should use their powers to provide for the goals of men.

Thru responsibility comes personal growth. And, up to this point, men have been hogging almost _all_ of the responsiblity _and_ the personal growth.

It's time women get theirs. It's time to address the CHIVALRY GAP.


27+ year old Venus Williams on lifting the 2007 Wimbledon ladies championship yelled how much more sweet it was on account of the new "equal terms" women competed with men. "ie, equal prize money for unequal sets of tennis". Ignoring her father, she pointed to the feminist, Billie Jean King in the audience, saying she owed it all to her pioneering efforts for women in the sport.

The runner up 21+ year old Marian Bartolli on the contrary publicly gave thanks and gratitude to her father Dr Bartolli, whom she praised for making it at all possible. He nurtured and trained Marian himself not being able to afford the expensive tennis academies in France.

Q: Who is the more chivalrous person open to continuing personal growth ?

A: The starting point of a woman reciprocating chivalry towards men in general is in the area of her relationship, regard and respect towards her own father. But a daughters regard or respect for her father is inculcated only where her own mother or other relative adequately demonstrates its goodness. Reciprocity, just as charity and responsibility, begin at home. These virtues lead to personal growth.


Framing male oppression as female victimhood....  I wonder if any of the feminists will bite.


Framing male oppression as female victimhood....  I wonder if any of the feminists will bite.


You're scaring the fish!

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