Morgoth's latest lunacy attracts more fly's

Started by FEMINAZIHATEMARTYR, Oct 19, 2003, 10:45 AM

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"It seems to me that there is this mental trap "I am heterosexual" I dont really GET what that means....what is it about men that make you heterosexual--if you dont like the person (personality), dont like how he treats you, dont really enjoy the sex because he is not very skilled then it makes ZERO sense to me what it means to be "heterosexual"

maybe it is just a lack of creativity?...or some preconcieved ideas about men and women? because I am not hearing much about sexual desire or passion--and is it really that very surface kind of sexual tension (called sexual desire--that thing that happens before you know what a shit ther person is and what they are actually like as a lover) that makes a sexuality anyway?"  :sm12:  :sm12:  :banghead:

So I take it were supposed to convert to homosexuality as a universal solution to our sexual frustration?? What the hell am I doing reading this crap?! Someone get me a brew!!
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LMAO!!! :laugh2:
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I liked this one:

One might well ask, does sexual attraction form a healthy basis for a sexual relationship in the first place?

Perhaps it is just my simplistic perspective, but what the hell does one base a sexual relationship on if not sexual attraction??

*opens up a beer*

*hands another beer to FEM*

You're right.  You are better off not reading messed up stuff like that.

I think what these women are dealing with are some severe trust and judgement issues.  Especially judgement.

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nd the time will come when you'll see we're all one and life flows on, within you and without you. - George Harrison


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