Is SYG hateful towards women?

Started by Anniee an'the Blackhearts, Oct 15, 2003, 08:06 AM

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seriously. That'll teach me for being a lazy lurker. Next time I'm thinking of joining a forum I'm going to insist on CAT scans, polygraphs and DNA testing to make sure everybody is who they say they are. I'm also going to make sure that everybody is on prozac or some other happy pill before I put one toe in the water. :D


Quote from: "Third Eye"
"Regardless whatever he said about rape, it's not proof of misogyny"

Nuff said.

I'm pretty sure it was the reactions that were called misogynistic but you don't see that do you?  Get help.  You're still young there may be time.

The proof is right here in the pudding.  The fact is, I've told you already that you've read it out of context, you don't seem to want to listen to my side of it, but rather hold on, by a very thin thread, to something that makes you feel like you're one up on it.  You are not.

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