French/German abandonment won't be forgotten

Started by Bilbo, Oct 23, 2003, 04:23 PM

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In their neverending efforts to trash the U.S., the French were practically bragging about how little they will contribute to helping the Iraqis.  I'm glad to see that lack of civility, and humanity, hasn't been lost on the Iraqis.

Iraqi official says limited German, French help won't be forgotten
U.S. soldier killed in northern Iraq

MADRID, Spain (CNN) --A top Iraqi official attending an international conference on raising funds to rebuild Iraq warned Thursday that France and Germany's limited donations would not be forgotten.

Ayad Allawi, the current head of Iraq's U.S.-appointed governing council, said he hoped German and French officials would reconsider their decision not to boost their contributions beyond funds already pledged through the European Union.

"As far as Germany and France are concerned, really, this was a regrettable position they had," Allawi said. "I don't think the Iraqis are going to forget easily that in the hour of need, those countries wanted to neglect Iraq."

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan -- also attending the conference -- urged the international community to give billions of dollars to rebuild the nation, saying reconstruction cannot wait until a sovereign Iraqi government is established.

"The people of Iraq have a hard road ahead of them, filled with both risk and opportunity," Annan said at the opening of the donors' conference for Iraq in Madrid, Spain. "Let us not leave them to travel that road alone." (Full story; Facts: Iraq's needs and donors)

Some countries have balked at funding programs in post-war Iraq, citing the go-it-alone approach taken by the United States and Britain ahead of the conflict.

Germany, France and Russia -- the chief opponents of war before the U.S. invasion -- sent lower level officials to the conference. Those countries have been opposed to what they see as too much U.S. control of the reconstruction process.

The United States has committed $20 billion to the effort. Spanish Economy Minister Rodrigo Rato said last Friday he hoped $15 billion to $20 billion would be raised, but Foreign Minister Ana Palacio told CNN last week that as little as $6 billion could be raised for a trust fund that the World Bank, United Nations and Iraqi authorities would manage.

U.S. soldier killed in explosive attack
A bomb attack in northern Iraq killed a U.S. soldier Thursday morning, and military officials are investigating the deaths of two troops in Baghdad from causes unrelated to combat, according to U.S. Central Command.

In the latest fatal attack on U.S. troops, a soldier from the Army's 4th Infantry division was killed and two were wounded when their convoy was hit by an improvised explosive device about 11:30 a.m. Thursday, a military statement said. The attack occurred in Baquba, about 60 kilometers (38 miles) north of Baghdad -- a region where opposition to the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq runs high.

In addition, two soldiers from the Army's 1st Armored Division died on Wednesday in separate noncombat incidents, Central Command said.

The first was found "in need of medical attention" in the barracks about 3:50 p.m. Wednesday, Central Command said in a written statement. Medics were called in, but the soldier was pronounced dead at the scene.

Another soldier was pronounced dead after collapsing in an "off-duty area" about 9 p.m. Wednesday. The soldier was evacuated to the 28th Combat Support Hospital and was pronounced dead.
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Awww.  Poor little bigoted superpower can't afford it's own wars.
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I really don't think that the point here.  The fact is that the Iraqis realize that the French were their buddies when they could make money off of them.  Now they're willing to fuck them in an effort to spite the U.S., the country that is over there and is helping(and dying for) them.

Financially, we'll be fine.
It is impossible to reason a man out of something he was never reasoned into in the first place- Swift

"The cardinal principle of judicial restraint--if it is not necessary to decide more, it is necessary not to decide more."


You invaded Iraq after murdering around 2 million Iraqis.  You are currently fighting a colonial war there (and losing it by the way).  US soldiers routinely kill civilians over there and in general Iraqis recognise that they were better off under Saddam, whom they see as little more than a US puppet.  At some point the US will withdraw with its tail between it's legs.  Again.

In what possible sense do you see the US as the good-guys?  Your policy is genoicde and terrorism.  You make Saddam look good by comparison.
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I wouldn't consider France on your side in a war a plus. They are almost a moslem country anyway thanks to insanely leftist immigration policies. I hope they rot in hell and take all of their socialism with them.
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