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Started by stevea, Oct 24, 2003, 07:30 AM

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I'm inclined to quit the board in protest, but I don't actually know what happened and who was shat on last night.  Rather pointless having an ignore feature if the admins will delete posts and deactivate the board, ban people they don't like etc etc all supposedly because of the sort of stuff that the ignore feature covers.

Also there does seem to be a lot of suspicion that the moderator ain't exactly telling the truth here.  Conveniently of course the other side has been banned and is no position to defend themselves.  Then someone who does support them gets cut?  Is this correct?  The user called "Brandy" has been cut?

I'm guessing Anniee was banned.  If that's so I won't be posting either until she is reinstated.

Who was banned?
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Ain't so Truthman. Try this stuff on a university board or a medical board and they'll kick your dark and hairy crevice back a couple of generations. I like to read comments from people who kick ass as much as the next guy but this kind of thing where most of us don't know what is going on or why is a pain.

that a leap in logic from what you said here
I think some of this may be partly my fault. When I made my first post Anniee answered. I immediately alienated her and UR - I'm an idiot - what can I tell ya?

i dont give a fuck but someone is not being truthful here and i tend to believe the ones who would like to be heard have been shut up to avoid us knowing who that someone is. DB is right. word from our sister board of misandry and cock slapping is the banned members are  lynnebob, lynne, brandy, ur, annie,webmstres, jacopa, third eye.

word is they are banned either for their opinion or because people like beste call them annie on pms and comes back to ask 'guess who i am'. i think this is all fucking stupid and those who claim they are sick of it are the first ones to poke a stick at it. i guess that means im banned too, if you dont see me back you can bet your balls on the courthouse steps at high noon im accused of being annie.

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I think I will go back into lurk mode for a while until the members here and the administration get over the UR Anniee debacle. It looks to me that they are just as paranoid bout UR and Anniee as they claim UR and Anniee are about them, and I am not taking sides just observing the actions and responses from those who can still post.

No one is going to tell me how to use the internet, if I am not wanted here I can go where the theme challenges the average 5th grader, so far this place has shown me nothing, sorry. :roll:

You may ban me now.

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