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Started by FP, Sep 22, 2007, 04:20 PM

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Drive by article but rather amusing, remember, its all for the children, not state power.


A child's joke about sleeping with another friend's mother led to a child abuse investigation.

An investigator with the Department of Children and Family went to Destin Middle School on Sept. 19 to look into an allegation that a child had been having sex with an adult, according to an Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office report.

The investigation revealed that the story started during P.E. class while a few boys were joking around.

Upon questioning, one of the boys involved said he "made up the story about a friend having sex with (the) mother," the report stated.

The case was ruled as unfounded.

Mr. X

Pretty amazing a kid's prank can lead to this kind of power abuse.
Feminists - "Verbally beating men like dumb animals or ignoring them is all we know and its not working."


Pretty amazing a kid's prank can lead to this kind of power abuse.

Have you not been paying attention to Durham N.C.?

The Crucible.
Originally written by a communist (sympathizer?) in response to (incorrectly attributed) "McCarthyism", I always saw it as a warning against mass hysteria from deliberate propaganda based on lies.
  Oh, look, a scorned girl! Guess the plausability of that was legitimate even  back then.
Kind of like the aliens that shut off the power in the suburbs
and let the stupidest of the residents do the rest. (Twilight Zone?)

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