Hooker cries "rape" (at the end of her shift.) Judge says "theft of service."

Started by stands2p, Oct 22, 2007, 07:52 AM

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The story (actually the reporters emotional reaction to the story along with some facts) is here:


To me, it seems like a property crime rather than a sex crime.
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I think the judge got this one right. I almost thought it was a rape until the part about the girl taking on annother "John" before reporting the "Rape".
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Why isnt it armed robbery on the first guy, and  rape for the ones who had sex unconsentually?
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If the customer absconds without paying that is theft of service. Forcing anyone, even a prostitute, to have sex at gunpoint is rape.
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It's hard to be sure from a short article, especially one that is far more editorial than news reporting. How much important info are we not getting? But from what's contained in this piece, it sounds like rape to me.

Seems like another example of how the government, especially the judiciary, has gone batshit.
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A case like this, she said - to my astonishment - "minimizes true rape cases and demeans women who are really raped."

I thought this was the standard MRA view on rape. Real rape diminishes and demoralizes the victim possibly to the point of being incoherent. She picked up another John; it wasn't rape.
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So if he did not draw a gun on her, and one guy had consensual sex, but he neglected to pay her, would that still be rape?
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Of course it would not be rape if he just failed to pay her, and if he had given her the money after the gang rape at gun point it would still be gang rape at gun point.

The woman had a witness who said she was crying and there was a gun used. This men has also been charged with a indentical crime a couple of weeks earlier, of which the victim knew nothing about.

Who knows how many other prositutes he's done this to. Because as this case points out if you're a whore you can't be raped. Heck as the B.C pig farmer case pointed out they won't even look for you if you're missing.


Why is his sexual history being brought into this!?!?!?  :angryfire: :angryfire:


You know, its funny how a lot of (non-feminist) female judges are actually saner when sentencing women than male judges. Makes you wonder just how many of those judges have the penile pumps in place and are pumping away underneath their robes while sentencing.


So Shard.. you think she wasn't raped?

There is a gun on her while she is gangbanged, she's crying when the male witness (that btw is a outstanding guy..who really stood his ground and should be considered a hero in this case, it can't be easy to go against your peer group like he did) comes into the room. What about that is not rape?

Yes she's a prositute, and he's a guy who pretends to hire prositutes then assaults them. Do you really want this guy back out on the streets to do it again?


So Shard.. you think she wasn't raped?

Let's just say she can learn from the experience. :dontknow:

By the by, I'm sure that an appeal will lead to a rape charge and conviction.


That's a pretty sick way of looking at things Shard.

Next time you turn right instead of left and some gangbusters come after you I hope you learn from it too.


That's a pretty sick way of looking at things Shard.

Next time you turn right instead of left and some gangbusters come after you I hope you learn from it too.

One thing I can guarantee you is that the rest of my sex won't come out with pitchforks and torches baying for blood. I may not like it, but I can still guarantee you that.

One has to only look at a few pages worth of any men's activism site to realize that men are far more likely to say "eh, he was stupid, bad things happen to stupid people, better him than me" etc etc when men are the victims.



You're responce had nothing to do with my comments. On two threads.

Not that I would'nt be happy being an aunt figure, but that has nothing to do with the subject.

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devia, shards comment on  her learning is based on a feminist commetning that  a man falsely accused of rape can learn
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