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Started by Pacman7331, Oct 29, 2007, 08:23 PM

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I've been subjected to the feminist ideology by my mother very strongly. All my life I have heard how women are so mistreated. Being a male and naturally having a love for women I adopted these perspectives. As I grew up and grew older however. I noticed how all these views were so one sided and unfair. I noticed how so many of them do not account for anything of the men's perspective. How so much of it is so strongly sexist against men, and so oppressive to his nature.

As far as I know women are outragously aggrandized in the current moment in history. Men are treated with utter contempt and total hatred as a symbol and as a part of nature.

Anyhow I cannot write too much now but i'm glad to finnaly have a place to share my views. Women are very abusive and very cruel to men. I cannot believe what an uphill battle men face now, It's hard enough to vocalize what is going on inside, much less (or more) push for a political antidote.

I'm currently writing a book that is very very messy right now (allot of it is perhaps self serving thus needs revision), that analyzed men and women according to mystical symbols and Jungian concepts.
It is in it's very very rough disorganized state. But with sufficent time and care, and thanks to this network of websites (for discovery of the fact that other people actually might know a kind of manhood outside the slings of historical and cultural tyranny) I might indeed continue my isolated solitary journey up throught the infected muddy precipice, and work this thing out.

I'm a student of Community College Now, I plan to keep going. I don't know what i'm going to do with my life. But thinking about these issues and many others... and thinking and contemplation in general has been a almost obessive theme of my life.

I hope to find good friends and sharp open minds and passionate compassionate hearts here in this fourm - and thank god it exists.


dr e

Welcome ZTM.  Glad you found us.
Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.


Hi, I'm Barnaby. I'm also relieved to find this forum in such good health. There are detailed and well-researched discussions here about issues that have only recently come to my attention. It's wonderful to see such a vibrant community of intelligent individuals working to organize and express the generally unacknowledged difficulties of being male.

My own particular story isn't as devastating as some of the paternity issues here, but it describes an arc (learning curve?) of its own. I was raised in a family with two older sisters. My father was a wonderfully hard working man, and although I didn't see him as much as I would have liked, I have the utmost respect for him. My mother (although she was fond of Germaine Greer) was similarly wonderful, and she always did here best to make sure that everybody around her was as comfortable as possible.

Anyways, my introduction to the Men's Rights Movement probably came about when I read 'Manhood' by Steve Biddulph. I was fairly young at the time and I can remember flicking forward to the parts where he mentions sex. Apart from that, the content remained fairly meaningless to me. That is, until after her.

My girlfriend and I were together for about two years and lived together for half that time. During our relationship, I was subjected to intermittent emotional abuse and basically came to figure as the punching bag within the relationship. She was an older woman who had been raised by a single mother. Also, she was the victim of sexual abuse when she was younger. Despite these difficulties she seemed to me a wonderfully intelligent, beautiful and warm woman and I was thrilled to be involved with her.

That was, until she demanded my complete compliance with her every wish. It happened so slowly I didn't notice. I had such a flattering image of her in my head that it seemed she could do nothing wrong. I did the majority of the housework (in fact, she never once did the dishes) because she felt it was 'boring' and then mutely accepted her criticism of the job I had done. When she started spending time with another man (including sleeping at his place) I confronted her about it, but she insisted he was just a good friend. When she unfavorably compared my genitalia to those of her ex-boyfriends I made a fuss, but could do nothing else. Our conversations gradually turned into a forum for her to mock me. And Yet, despite how fucked she could be, I continued to love her and tried desperately to do right by her.

Of course, like an idiot, during the relationship I completely neglected my male friends. I believed we had a low-maintenance bond that I didn't need to maintain and subsequently lost any emotional support outside the relationship. She had a strong group of friends while I felt completely isolated.

Eventually I spiraled into self-destructive behavior. When she found me asleep in a bath full of cold water at 4am, I knew I was in trouble. I re-established some of my friendships and exited stage left. It was hard, but I suppose I learned some difficult lessons.

One of those lessons brought me back in touch with Men's Rights. I re-read Manhood and began to see my situation in a different light. I spoke to my Father about his life and began to respect my male friends for all the difficulties they had faced. Slowly, I came to see the systematic construction of male identity in advertising, friendship groups, etc. and it made me angry. Angry and motivated.

Thus, here I am. I look forward to being a part of this forum.

Thanks for reading.

dr e

Welcome Barnaby - Glad you found us.  The Manhood book by Biddulph is excellent I even like his book titled "Raising Boys" more than the Manhood book.  Both are good books.

Thanks for telling your story. 

So tell us how you found us.

Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.


Well, that's not such an interesting story. The truth is I was looking for the suicide statistics for young men in Australia. Nearly all of my female friends consider themselves feminist, and occasionally I try to point out some of the problems that men face. It is incredible to see the shield of disbelief being raised. Despite citing suicide statistics, figures for drug and alcohol abuse and the differences in life expectancy, the only agreement I can rely on is that 'maybe women are systemically repressed while men are emotionally repressed'. My female friends believe that men are inherently violent and carry a great sense of entitlement. On the other hand, many of my male friends feel incredibly uncomfortable discussing their inner lives and don't trust their own judgement. So I started reading a bit. Along the way I found sites like these:

I guess I told my story as an introduction because, as the feminists realise, the personal is political. Although men's issues are much more compelling on a large scale, they are also something we encounter day to day. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is for the men amongst me to say something made me FEEL this way, and have it accepted as a valid expression.
Now, I'm off to read Raising Boys...   


I think it's great that you're writing a book. I happen to be a published author and I can't tell you what a great feeling I get when I hold "my book" in my hands. A bit of advice, write the book for the reader's enjoyment while still getting your point across. Write the book like you were speaking directly to a friend. I wrote from this perspective and my book sells very well.As far as what to do with your life goes, help the men's rights movement. And especially help father's rights. You would make a lot of men and children happy.

I'm 46 years old and like you I was snowed under by the feminist movement. But now I'm fighting mad. Take a look at my article at:

As far as this gender war is concerned, women had a 40 year jump start. But men are going to win because men are stronger physically and emotionally by nature. And feminism is built on a foundation of lies and hypocrisy. Never feel guilty about fighting back because women have had a long time to "make nice" but chose male-bashing instead. Great talking to you and if you need more advice on writing your book just give me a buzz at:

[email protected]

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