Holy Bat, Sh!tman...I mean...

Started by The Gonzman, Nov 21, 2007, 07:16 AM

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WTF?  What is the minor being held for - having a penis?

Who is the guy's name on first base.
Falsely accused and maliciously prosecuted.


I agree, they should be treated equally under the law.  My concern is the constant eradication of our individual rights.   First they take away rights from men, then slowly, when nobodies looking strip them from women. 

I'm past caring.

Really and truly past caring.

Same here. Why even bother anymore since I have been fighting left and right, protesting, passed out tons of proof and etc at personal expense only to be laughed at by men, women, children and the courts.

Yeah, I am drunk and piped on pain killers since I am doing work I am not supposed to do with my disabilities but after being cussed out yet again by the ex and her demanding I give her more time with the kids, the school telling me she can pull them and do anything she wants though I have custody, well, you get the picture. Hey, she can kill an infant and get sympathy while she makes false allegations and proven perjury in court with me still the asshole and her the victim.

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