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Started by poiuyt, Nov 28, 2007, 03:45 AM

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Is this a governmental political broadside on the mens movement who've been demanding this for ages ... or is it just neutralising bait ? Either way, how can the mass mens movement use this valuable opening indeed ?

The Men's Coalition
The Men's Coalition is a new organisation that aims to put issues of concern to men and boys such as health, parenting and caring, relationships, education, employment, crime and violence firmly on the public policy agenda.

About Us
The Men's Coalition is a new organisation that aims to put issues of concern to men and boys firmly on the public policy agenda.

These issues include health, parenting and caring, relationships, education, employment crime and violence. Identifying and addressing the inter-relationships between these issues is also of critical importance.

Many men experience poor mental, emotional and physical health as well as discrimination and disadvantage in a number of areas, including school education, parenting and some aspects of employment.  We believe that the adoption of specific roles by men and women on the basis of their gender is also seriously limiting for both individuals and society.

However, it is understood and accepted that men are institutionally advantaged in terms of economic power and privilege compared to the position of women. The Coalition is therefore fully committed to gender equality and to working in partnership with women's organisations.

Why the Coalition is needed
We believe our society requires public policies that take full account of the specific needs and experiences of men and boys in a wide range of areas.
On average, men die at a significantly younger age than women
The overwhelming majority of offenders are young men as are most victims of violent crime
Boys do less well than girls at school
Men from lower socio-economic groups are more likely to be affected by the so-called 'skills deficit'
Men are under-involved in childcare, not least because of long working hours
Men make up the bulk of the homeless population.

Men and Children
There is growing research evidence that promoting and encouraging fathers' greater involvement in child-care enhances outcomes for children.

Men and Domestic Violence
The statistics from the British Crime survey which informs the government narrative on domestic violence reveals that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.

Men and Fatherhood
Patterns of maternal and paternal childcare are shifting dramatically, with only 29% of families in the UK now conforming to the traditional model of father working and mother not working.

Men and Health
Men's health remains unnecessarily poor and men's lives are all too often tragically cut short. In parts of the country where deprivation is acute, average male life expectancy at birth remains as low as 65.

Men and Relationships
Men's ability to form and sustain intimate relationships with their partner and children is crucial to their own and their family's well being as well as to the well being of society in general.

Aims, objects and principles
The Coalition has agreed a set of core aim and objects and principles that will define and guide its work. All members of the organisation will be required to agree with these principles and act accordingly.

The aims and objects are:
To advise government and other policy makers on designing policies and services that take account of the specific needs and experiences of men in a wide range of areas, including violence, crime, parenting and caring, relationships, health, work and education.
To identify how masculinities and men's experiences should inform the above areas to enable government and other agencies to develop a collaborative approach to gender equality.
To promote the understanding of how the social construction of masculinities functions within a range of diverse social and cultural contexts.
To promote effective mechanisms for government and other agencies to engage with men and boys and develop gender-sensitive policies.
To promote and disseminate research and good practice on men and masculinities and to develop a programme of evidence-based research and practice to fill gaps in knowledge.
To work collaboratively with women's organisations to promote gender awareness and co-operation, tackle gender-based inequalities and support effective implementation of the gender equality duty

The core principles are:
The Coalition believes that the specific needs and experiences of men and boys are not well understood or taken into account in the development of public policy or professional practice across a wide range of areas. This includes health, education, parenting, employment, crime and violence.
The Coalition believes boys, men and the wider society would benefit from recognition of these issues and appropriate action.
The Coalition believes that men and boys should not be discriminated against, stereotyped or overlooked in the development of policy and practice. Men and boys, and women and girls, should be explicitly included in the development of policy and practice.
The Coalition will work to achieve gender equality and support women's organisations which are tackling discrimination and violence against women.
The Coalition will actively lobby against, sexism, homophobia, racism or any form of discriminatory behaviour against women or gay/bisexual/transgender men. This will be inherent in all of its activities.
The Men's Coalition will be an independent and autonomous organisation.
The Coalition will be transparent, honest, fair and ethical in every aspect of its work and follow the 'Seven Principles of Public Life' set out by the Committee on Standards in Public Life


Dr. Schwizer is hosting a coalition? ;-)


I hate it when people purporting to be on our side espouse "gender equality."  Equality portends equal responsibility, namely responsibility for one's own safety and economic survival.  The only way you can be equal is if you work for and feed yourself.  No housewife can ever be equal to a working husband.  By definition, the relationship is unequal -- as is the relationship of any woman involved with a man who she can count on to support her if she gets tired of her career.


Is anyone in it's who's who anybody we know...are they self appointed?...are they government appointees?....where do they get the money to buy lunch.....

Ask them directly and in plain English....if you don't get a "straight" answer.....assume they are cocksuckers.

bachelor tom

However, it is understood and accepted that men are institutionally advantaged in terms of economic power and privilege compared to the position of women.

Sounds like feminist rhetoric to me
political correctness = patriarchal chivalry + matriarchal victimology

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