Girls get in fight at school.......There the teachers !

Started by Virtue, Mar 21, 2008, 09:10 AM

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Thanks for derailing the thread folded. I thought this was about two teachers fighting,...

Oh yeah..who won?
Did any of the kids get it to You tube?
What does the teachers union have to say about this?
What did they teach?
Did they both have bad periods?
Is their negotiated salary a matter of public record?
What "perks" were they entitled to, solely by virtue of employment?
Where were they bestowed their credentials to teach in public school?
What clubs and groups were they in at college?
What were their respective GPAs?
Were they registered voters? Which party?
Were they involved in any educational indoctrination political groups?
Did they endorse VAWA?
Did they endorse Title IX?
What was their position on licenced firearm carry on school property?
Are they BOTH going to sue the school for "hostile workplace" conditions?
Which one gets "victim" status?
How are they expecting to get someone elses cash for doing nothing out of this?
Are there any special Violent assault against a teacher protection laws involved?
Was there an administrative  lock down?
Did the kids who witnessed this get special counseling from official school "trauma consultants"?


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