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Started by DavidByron, Oct 23, 2002, 10:36 PM

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This extract lists some of the evil America has produced since the fall of communism --- their earlier exuse for state terrorism.

It is remarkable indeed that what we call our government is still going around dropping huge amounts of exceedingly powerful explosives upon the heads of defenseless people. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Beginning in the late 1980s, Mikhail Gorbachev put an end to the Soviet police state, then the Berlin Wall came down. People all over Eastern Europe were joyfully celebrating a NEW DAY, and South Africa freed Nelson Mandela and apartheid began to crumble, and Haiti held its first free election ever and chose a genuine progressive as president ... it seemed like anything was possible; optimism was as widespread as pessimism is today.

The United States joined this celebration by invading and bombing Panama, only weeks after the Berlin Wall fell.

At the same time, the U.S. was shamelessly intervening in the election in Nicaragua to defeat the Sandinistas.

Then, when Albania and Bulgaria, "newly freed from the grip of communism," as our media would put it, dared to elect governments not acceptable to Washington, Washington just stepped in and overthrew those governments.

Soon came the bombing of the people of Iraq for 40 horrible days without mercy, for no good or honest reason, and that was that for our hopes of a different and better world.

But our leaders were not through. They were soon off attacking Somalia, more bombing and killing.

Meanwhile they continued bombing Iraq for years.

They intervened to put down dissident movements in Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia, just as if it were the cold war in the 1950s in Latin America, and the 1960s, the 1970s, the 1980s, and still doing it in the 1990s.

Then they bombed the people of Yugoslavia for 78 days and nights.

And once again, last year, they grossly and openly intervened in an election in Nicaragua to prevent the left from winning.

Meanwhile, of course, they were bombing Afghanistan and, in all likelihood, have now killed more innocent civilians in that sad country than were killed here on Sept. 11, with more to come as people will continue to die from bombing wounds, cluster-bomb landmines, and depleted-uranium toxicity.

All these years, they're still keeping their choke hold on Cuba. And that's just a partial list.

There was none of the peace dividend we had been promised, not for Americans nor for the rest of the world.
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Is there anyone who doesn't know this????

Oh right, you live in that sewage-pit aka the *lake of ignorance*.

god DAMN america.  If we R lucky we will witness it's demise.

R U allowed to live there without a gun?
How much must you consume to be considered a good american?  blechhhh

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Hey Jade!
I'm off this morning to head to Washington DC for some anti-war rally there on Saturday.
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I think that may now be a deportable offense.  



Only if I join a communist related group I believe.
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