Started by dr e, May 02, 2008, 08:33 AM

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Mr. X

No ban. She's not trolling.
Feminists - "Verbally beating men like dumb animals or ignoring them is all we know and its not working."

Pat Kibbon

I personally believe that bans should be based not just on the number of warnings, but also the frequency of violations.  For example, a while back you granted 'amnesty' in the sense that people had their warning totals cleared.  I personally thought that was a good move, and believe that warnings over a year old should be cleared.  In other words, people get three warnings per year.  Furthermore, once banned, I believe that the ban should have an expiration date, for example, 6 months, one year, or other. 

Using a system like the one described above would get rid of the chronic and serious troublemakers and at the same time acknowledge that we all make mistakes in the heat of the moment.  Now I don't know if devia is a habitual rule violator but I must say that I appreciate her input here - she keeps us honest and avoids the 'echo chamber' phenomenon seen so often at the forums of our opponents. 

So, to add my vote, I vote no ban if any of her other warnings were over a year old, and support a 6-week ban if she had three in the last year.   I believe that the majority of us responding here want to have her around, including me.  However, I also believe that we need to hold ourselves to standards of decorum, and bans are an integral part of that process.

What Mr. Bad proposes here is a good suggestion, in my opinion.  I favor Devia's return; I believe her contributions to the conversation outweigh her liabilities.  In the end, of course, it is your call dr e.
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No one on this board has more reason to dislike her than me.

But I value free speech absolutely.

There are moments in my anger against those who would take away my free speech that I would like to hack out their tongues with a parring knife...what? do not like the taste of your own medicine?...well when your tongue is cut out you will not be able to taste the foul taste of your own medicine....

Let her stay just as long as she understands that her status here is not that of Political Corrections Canada gauleiter.


Dr. Kathleen Dixon, the Director of Women's Studies: "We forbid any course that says we restrict free speech!"


awww....give her the pussy pass already.

Devia is all part of this!!!


dr e

Thank you all for your feedback.  Devia will be reinstated.  I think you all make some very good points.   When she returns she will continue to have the two warnings.
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Cordell Walker

what about those scripts doc?
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I think she helps to keep us honest - I vote no ban.  :toothy9:

Mr. X

Think about how cool and reasonable we men are. Most feminist boards ban people for any old thing and never allow them back. Any slight disagreement results in a ban. I doubt any of them would say "Let the mra stay, he keeps us honest".

Feminists - "Verbally beating men like dumb animals or ignoring them is all we know and its not working."


All of these posters calling for a "no ban". Ya know it's things like this that put this board (and other MRA boards) above feminist boards in the area of tolerance.

I was reading over a feminist board last night (the link was posted here) and they were calling for a ban of a poster (eastcoast I think) because she disagreed with them. Big difference between here and there.

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Cordell Walker

with the snowback though, ya just cant  help but like the old broad :toothy9:
"how can you kill women and children?"---private joker
"Easy, ya just dont lead em as much" ---Animal Mother


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Dr Evil
  The posts under "devia" have a clear history of childish snipeing. They have been rife with disruptive and contraproductive printed vandalism. If you are asking for input on this matter, I say ban repeated posters of "I know you are but what  am  I?" and "Who?..ME!" and, "I'll bet you....."
level of logic. It will give them more time to enrich their own web pages.
  This is MY OPINION on this poster "devia" s  musings and on this-                   I STAND MY GROUND

The more things change....

Archives are great.


Keep her.

If anything she flatters my feminine vanity by insisting I'm too young to have an opinion. >>


This thread truly displays how a forum should be run... you put every other one I go to to shame.

I'm not sure of the circumstances so I'll stay out of the punishment...
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The Biscuit Queen

Sounds like you already decided, but I would have voted no ban. I do not think she attacked anyone. She made a logical call equating a lack of disagreement with approval. While in this case she was wrong, she was not out of line in making that assumption.

I think Devia is critical to this board. We need people who will call us out when we are being too accepting of bad behavior when the perp is a man, or being hypocritical when we renounce women for behavior we accept in men, etc. We are usually fair, but it is really good to make sure we are always fair.
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