Linda Basch: "Politicians are ignoring the interests of women"

Started by ., Jun 20, 2008, 10:13 AM

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Video clip here:

Wow, this is is news to me.  Feminist Linda Basch, of the National Council for Research on Women, is claiming that women are being ignored by our politicians.  Ignored!!!

In order to address this blatant act of patriarchal sexism, Basch offers the following prescription:

  • Paid sick leave

  • Affordable health care

  • Publicly funded child care

Wow, I never realized just how good I have it as a man.  I get paid when I'm sick, I can afford health care, and people are banging down my doors offering to take care of my kids for free -- all because I'm a man.  Good thing I'm not a woman!  No wonder that I, as a man, wasn't aware of the silent hell that women have been enduring.

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