Alaska: Sanctuary State?

Started by Gungerassa, Sep 13, 2008, 04:29 AM

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Palin has a pretty good record of fighting corruption, but if she stands by idly while illegal aliens come into her state, this is something to read and think about:

Alaska: Sanctuary State?


shoot.  Practically every state in the union stands by while illegals come in.  Some even help them with freebees!  Until this is dealt with on the federal level, it will continue to be so.

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I'm assuming they're from canada?

Mexico illegals is one thing, they should do whatever it takes to get away from that hell-hole, but canadians?
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I'm sure there are illegal aliens from Canada, but they also have mexican illegals.  They're even building a mexican consulate there:

There are about 626,000 people living in Alaska and they 'estimate' 40,000 are mexicans....Wanna bet that figure is more like 60,000?  That would mean 10 percent of the population is mexican.

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