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Started by poiuyt, Nov 02, 2008, 08:20 AM

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Over in Australia, a leading male parliamentarian has been getting a taste of his own medicince. A domestic violence medicine, himself alongside other paliamentarians, concocted to satisfy radical females at the expense of the Australian male population.

Just listen to his whimperings and whinings at the unjust domestic violence laws and proceedures he aproved of as correct treatment, until he was himself hit with them. In this case, two years after the fact for good illustrative measure. It serves him right.
Lisa Carty, NSW Political Editor
November 2, 2008

'I was devastated, disempowered. I feel belittled and degraded.'

GREENS MP Ian Cohen has spoken for the first time of the humiliation of being accused of domestic violence.

Assault charges against the NSW upper house member were withdrawn in Byron Bay Local Court on Friday after the Director of Public Prosecutions decided not to proceed.

In April, Cohen was summonsed on charges of assault and assault occasioning bodily harm after his former partner, Donna Davis, alleged he attacked her on June 22, 2006. She went to police in January of this year, sparking a long investigation.

Yesterday, Mr Cohen, 57, was relieved his seven-month ordeal was over, but he said the emotional scars of being shunned by some MPs and Greens, abused by strangers in the street and branded a wife-basher would take a long time to heal.

First elected in 1995, the environmental activist said he had been unable to work on "important projects" because he was paralysed with fear, waiting for the next headline.

"It was a very low time for me because people prejudged me," he said. "It got down to a very small number of people who were a lifeline to me. I avoided functions because instead of being an asset I was a liability to other MPs, my party, and organisations.

"I wasn't of any use for quite a period of time. In some cases people even asked me not to attend their function because my presence would not have helped."

Mr Cohen said he planned to discuss with the Attorney-General, John Hatzistergos, the issue of charged people being identified by the media before conviction. It was grossly unfair that their names were sullied without even being found guilty.

"Trial by media - something's got to be worked out. It's not justice.

"I was devastated. I felt totally disempowered. I felt I couldn't say anything because the law has to take its course and I really had to wait for due process. There was a really attacking attitude by many in the media. I feel belittled and degraded.

"I have never been famous for something I wasn't proud of so this was a complete turnaround."

He said millions had been made aware of the allegations against him and it had been "crushing". "It's a pall that sits on your shoulders. I'd certainly like to get advice from the Attorney-General's office about why people have to suffer that much when you're charged but not found guilty."

The man has no shame at all, at all. Who gives a damn if an own-gender traitor felt the sting on himself of his own device decidedly meant for others. That is the millions of other Australian men, having no voice as he has and having only but suffered or died in silence under these odious proceedures.

Rather than pathetically regaling us with his justly deserved experiences of the misandric DV machine he helped create, he should hot-foot-it back to parliament and foment an uprising on the matter.


Haha thats poetic justice when a Stalinist gets burned by the Frankenstein monster theyve helped to create!  :laughing6:
'It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.' George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four


Irony, anyone ? Schadenfreude as well, perhaps ?
"A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both."
-- General Dwight D.  Eisenhower. 

"Be bold and courageous.  When you look back on your life, you'll regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did."
-- Unknown.


I am to the point of thinking about filing an order against numerous members of the government here for abuse. Just a simple court proceedure with orders against them claimed that they abused me and my rights as well as my chindren by their refusal to enact legislation that was gender neutral for years until a system was established that allows my being abused. I bet if men and women who have suffered under their unconstitutional laws all over the nation did this they would suddenly start to work on correcting problems. After all, if tens of thousands of people had orders against them requiring they run around all over the natation going broke defending themselves and they couldn't even walk out of their offices without fear of arrest for violating an order, they would see the light.


I am to the point of thinking about filing an order against numerous members of the government

If you have a female adult file those charges for you they will be taken seriously al-la David Letterman.

Actually Quentin that's a damn good idea.
Imagine waking up tomorrow to find
that unbelievably rape is now legal.

You would be freaking out, telling everyone you ran into this is crazy- something needs to be done... now!!! And then every man you told this to just very smugly and condescendingly says...

"Hey... not all men are 'like that.'"

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