Mass. nurse accused of plotting to free rapist

Started by neoteny, Nov 27, 2008, 07:57 AM

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Mass. nurse accused of plotting to free rapist

WRENTHAM, Mass. - A Massachusetts nurse has been charged with trying to help a convicted rapist accused of stabbing his attorney escape from prison.

Deborah Girouard pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of smuggling and aiding an inmate's escape. Prosecutors say the 44-year-old Girouard smuggled saw blades and other items into the MCI-Cedar Junction prison in Walpole to try to help 39-year-old Che Blake Sosa escape.

Sosa is serving a lengthy prison sentence for multiple rape convictions and is awaiting trial on charges that he stabbed his defense attorney in court in February 2007.

Girouard was a contract nurse at the prison. Her attorney says Girouard disputes the charges. She has been ordered held without bail.


She found a really nice subject for her humanitarian efforts...  :rolle:
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Naw, she was kidnapped, and a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, just like the Wardens wife living in the trailer...

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