Americans = Nazis

Started by DavidByron, Nov 01, 2002, 11:58 AM

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Story anout a man who's being prosecuted by America for giving medicine to dying kids in Iraq (a crime in America - elsewhere its a crime not to but American's are nazis).  He's facing 12 years in prison.

He makes an interesting comparison between America and the Nazis.

"We should speak in clear English," he says. "It's killing 5,000 children a month. It's not honest; it's not accurate to say it penalizes the Iraqi people. It kills them. I've been to Auschwitz, I'm Jewish. Nobody would say Auschwitz created hardships for the Jewish people. We need to be honest."

About 2 million Iraqis have been murdered by the American regime over the last 12 years or so.

This article repeats the lie that the sanctions are UN sponsored; they are enforced by America and are against international law (American nazis will no doubt be surprised to learn killing 2 million people is considered a crime elsewhere in the world).

I'd have to say Americans are actually a lot worse than the Nazis ever were.  The Nazis were quite moral people compared to Americans.  The Nazis never claimed the right to murder millions.  The Nazis never claimed the right to invade every country in the world.
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David,why do you have to give such an offensive title to your thread ? This is no different from "Arabs are terrorists " , "Russians are always drunk" or ,:)  "Englishmen are polite,but cold".  
  Let's talk about governements,not people.


The American people just had an election which was agreed to be a referendum on going into a criminal war against Iraq that has already killed 2 million Iraqis.  War criminal and moron, president Bush got what he and the US media claim is a huge mandate for war.  Americans love war.  Every other country's people is against this war (except possibly Israel).

Americans ARE nazis Stefan.

Read the text of the UN resolution the Nazis are putting forward for their latest invasion.

We're talking about a people who love to kill, love to murder, especially love to starve and kill millions of children.  We're talking about a country where wars are regularly waged against countries that NEVER have attacked the US as a means to boost popularity for an election.

Compare that to Germanty and Mexico where anti-war sentiments win votes.

The American people know they are killing over 5000 children a day in iraq and THEY LOVE IT.  More death is their response.  "Let's just nuke the whole lot of them and take their oil" is a fairly TYPICAL American response to all thise Stefan.  You just don't know how sick these freaks are.
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dr e

Now hold on a cotton picking minute.  I am an American and I am solidly against a unilateral march into Iraq as Bush seems to want to do.  I made sure to vote for a representative who was against this mentality.  Luckily he won.  Chris Van Hollen is his name.

Clustering all Americans into one category is not so different from the feminists vilification of all men.  Stefan is correct.  Let's discuss governments not people.
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Are you suggesting that the US public's demand for blood is irrelevent to the ability of the war-mongers to kill?  

I am solidly against a unilateral march into Iraq

Well don't worry.  Bush will have his fig-leaf of an "international coalition" (ie the UK and Australia) and his "UN resolution" (even if it doesn't say he can make war, the US media will report it that way).  He will claim he has world support and the Nazi-like propaganda machine which operates as America's only source of news will parrot whatever claims he makes.

Dr Evil do you think it is a coincidence that Americans are the most war-like people on the planet, and that America is the country that goes to war most?  That kills most people?  That has the highest rate of imprisonment?  The highest rate of violent crime?  The highest rate of military aid but the lowest rate of humanitarian aid?  That America is the world's terrorist state?  That American media is the most highly propagandised in the world?

Don't they all go together?

That the American people have less morals than the Nazis (and no I don't simply mean the German people, I do mean Nazis) is an integral aspect of the American imperial terrorism.  The current government (Bush) is not.  Regimes come and go in the US but they all love war.  Why?

Why do American citizens react qualitatively differently to war issues to any other civilized group?  Why are they pro-death and anti-peace?  

IMO the Nazis were more moral than that.  The Nazis didn't want to invade the planet.
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Then you would feel more at home living in Germany then?

Funny how you can seperate Nazi's from Germans but cannot employ the same sense of diplomacy when speaking of Americans.

You are a fucking idiot, Byron.
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Quote from: "DavidByron"

IMO the Nazis were more moral than that.  The Nazis didn't want to invade the planet.

Well, let me see, it has been some time since I studied WW2, but didn't Hitler invade, oh lets think Poland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, England (failed), Northern Africa, and others.  What about his allies Italy and Japan, They also invaded other places.  If I recall correctly, he was stopped from invading the entire world by the English, French underground, US and others.  He also loaded up kids, men and women, the very old and young and sent them off to die in some camp because of a little arch of their nose, or the star on their coat, or the book they read and the god they believed in.

And besides, Iraq did get money, but Sadam just built another palace, or statue, or bought another boatload of weapons, or he waged war with chemical weapons against his own people and neighboring countries.  Brutally tortured his own people because they did not agree with the shade of the paint on the new palace.  Or is ALL of this just American PROPOGANDA?  

If you think that the Nazis were a moral people why were millions of people gassed and incinerated?

Your right, Germany did not invade the planet, just most of Europe, before he was stopped, that is.


America  =FEMINAZIs.    There  is   a   difference  !!!!
y book, Men's Rights Activists.

The Biscuit Queen

2 million Iraqis, 5000 children a day?  You have a source for that?
he Biscuit Queen

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DavidByron Mind if I ask what country your from?


You have to look at the date of his postings.  He is long since gone from these boards.  As I recall, he was a British citizen living in the United States.

Mater Domina

Americans do ressemble Nazis in that they both took philosophies and symbols from ancient civilizations and called it their own, plus they both only care about the advancement and preservation of itself.
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Quote from: "DavidByron"
The American people know they are killing over 5000 children a day in iraq and THEY LOVE IT.  More death is their response.  "Let's just nuke the whole lot of them and take their oil" is a fairly TYPICAL American response to all thise Stefan.  You just don't know how sick these freaks are.

I dont know where you come from; but it certainly isnt from this planet.
Dont you realise most of the deaths in Iraq have been caused by Iraqi's and other islamic extremists?
You incite hatred by the kind of comments above.
I dont see much condemnation from you about suicide bombers killing innocent people.
This response is not American its British, I was against the war, I still am,
If we pul lout now we doom millions to the curse of another regime the same as that of Saddam.
Then you would be shouting about leaving them to die.
All the suicide bombs that can be made will not change what has happened,
we now live in a world that has changed completely and irevocobly.
So what are your answers please enlighten us?
The American people have been the saviours of many countries over the past decades, I and many of my countrymen salute you.
We may not agree with you on everything; but never the less we are not swayed by the sh*t that is writen in anti american postings like this. :x


I wouldn't quite say most of the deaths have been caused by Islamic and Iraqi extremist.  You have to put it into a context:

At a minimum (and most estimates are twice this) 60K killed during the first gulf war.  500K (and many are higher and with good reason) killed through a combination of sanctions, and battlefield contamination issues *(DU, CW, We did blow up the electric, water pumps, sanitation system ..and then prevent them getting the parts to rebuild it, so water born disease claimed about 20% of that total. War crime BTW.)  Second war: Low ballpark is 120K killed, high is over 200K.

Even at the low end of the range, our government has a hand in the death of over 680,000 Iraqis, high end estimates put this at a near a million & growing.  By most accounts, we are more deadly to the Iraqi people than Saddam and the Iran/Iraq war combined. Due to the nature of some of the munitions used, there will be regional problems for an extended period of time.

For those who doubt the effects of those munitions, I point you to the birth defect rate of more than 3 times the national average in the children of those who served in the first gulf war, and a mortality rate that is several times the average for peope (both serving and not) the national average of those people, and their extremely high disability rates.   Not that the government takes care of them either.  By the end of this war, we will have somewhere around 2 million people who have been rotated in and out of the combat zone, so even our own losses and suffering for this war are going to be large in the aftermath.  

On top of that, we became a lot less free for it, and that is a very high cost indeed.

I roughly understand the strategic reasons they are doing what they are doing, but I am questioning whether it is worth all of that.  At best we gain control, but not a monopoly, on a large chunk of the remaining old in the world, use it as a wedge to control europe, maintain our dominance in N. & S. America, and leave ourself a nice excuse to keep troops stationed in the ME and Korean penn.   The cost is just ...however many of them we have to kill to do it, however many of us get hurt doing it, ruinous debt, endless suicide bombings (primarily in occupied territories), and a complete police state at home.
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"4. Negative global generalizations about either gender like "Men are Pigs" or "Women are whores" are not allowed.

5. People can fight with each other all they want. As long as they focus on attacking each others ideas then all is good. If people start attacking the individual then then we have a problem. "

Although this doesn't fall directly under either of those rules, I do think this type of posting is incredibly childish and should not be acceptable for this forum.

However, it is up to Dr. Evil or the mods to decide this.

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