Records reveal anguish of anthrax suspect's wife

Started by neoteny, Jan 06, 2009, 12:22 AM

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An excerpt:


The police records include a letter Diane Ivins wrote to her husband July 24, the day he returned from a two-week stay in a psychiatric hospital.

"I'm hurt, concerned, confused and angry about your actions over the last few weeks," she wrote. "You tell me you love me but you have been rude and sarcastic and nasty many times when you talk to me."

She scolded him for filling out a gun license application, ignoring his lawyer's advice, taking late-night walks and working odd hours. She questioned whether he was following medical advice for stress reduction.


So he gets out of the loony bin, and she immediately starts to nag him. No wonder he offed himself eventually...  :rolle:
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Let's see, he kills himself, so they do an article on her anguish.

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