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Started by poiuyt, Apr 27, 2009, 06:59 AM

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Below are listed this weeks examples of what George Orwell, termed, English Socialism. A species of Liberal-Paternal-Chivalry denuding and corrupting a people and society, moraly, economically, spiritually and ethically.

INGSOC takes as its foundation a set of ideals pursuant of which all other aspects and circumstances of the human condition are subordinated and forced at gunpoint to correspond.

INGSOC is unfreedom. It is anti-capital, imoral, unethical, corrupting and also contaminating of a once honourable peoples because it breeds victim parasitism.

No longer are a people or a group of people required to earn their bread and rank from work. On the contrary, INGSOC permits them to parasite their way to wealth and status whilst abusing and violating the rights of their fellow citizens in the process. Sickening.

Bill set to expose gender pay gap.

Many employers will be made to reveal how much they pay men compared with women, under the Equalities Bill.

Firms employing at least 250 staff would be required to publish average hourly rates for men and women by 2013.

The Bill also aims to tackle discrimination against the elderly and people from working class backgrounds.

It has been backed by charities for the elderly but business groups called for a moratorium on new employment law and said it could delay economic recovery.

Minister for Equality Harriet Harman pledged the bill would help to "narrow the gap between rich and poor and make Britain more equal".

'Coming clean'

She told the BBC businesses would have until 2013 to voluntarily publish pay rates but added "old prejudices" had to be tackled if the economy was to prosper.

She also said "gagging clauses" - under which employees are ordered not to reveal details of their pay - would be banned under the Bill.

Police to target domestic abuse.

Almost 6,900 incidents of domestic violence were reported to Scotland's police forces during a festive crackdown between December and January.

The Violence Reduction Unit, (VRU), figures showed a further 6,035 children were exposed to domestic abuse during the same period.

The figures have prompted police to announce a six-month campaign to tackle the problem to start in the autumn.

Police described domestic violence as "Scotland's national shame".

The new campaign will begin in October with a month-long analysis of the issue in individual force areas.
Campaign co-ordinator Ch Insp Cameron Cavin said: "These figures are shocking and highlight the fact that despite everything, many people still think it is okay to be violent towards a partner.

"It is really concerning that so many children have been vulnerable to the effects of these events.

"Domestic abuse is Scotland's national shame, a shame which lies at the roots of much of the other violence we see in our society today and it is not acceptable."

Raising awareness

He added: "We take this issue very seriously, which is why we will be launching an intensive six month campaign to tackle the problem later this year.

"Working with partners from domestic abuse groups, Crimestoppers, the police and the justice system, together we will work harder and smarter to prevent domestic abuse."

Lily Greenan, of Scottish Women's Aid, welcome the latest police crackdown.

She said: "Awareness campaigns like this, play a valuable role in encouraging victims to make contact with the police, and the VRU is to be commended for the high priority it has given to tackling domestic abuse."


Get ye all down (all you brits at the very least) to comment is free section @ the Guardian - that is where such topics get discussed on a regular basis. It is also one of the major coalfaces (online at any rate) where you can get to grapple with the oppostion. (hint)

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