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Started by rothzael, Aug 13, 2009, 11:54 AM

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Hey everyone. I've spent about a year posting on AntiMisandry.com. I'm just registering here to show my support. Thanks.


I was just banned from AntiMisandry.  It's a pretty intolerant place.  This forum and most other forums are much more tolerant.
Biblic Judaism because modern culture is evil


Hmmmmmm.... Intolerant eh?  Intolerant of constant posts that promotes murder, rape, women as property, superiority of men over women... then yes.....

Pardon the cross post Doc but please humor me.

If a poster were to continually post things such as this:

How do you define patriarchy? Do you agree that Republican Rome was a strong patriarchy?

To me, patriarchy means that men rule and regulate female sexuality. This is common in human and chimpanzee societies. The more effectively that men can do this, the more that men will trust each other and contribute to society. So I believe that patriarchy is strictly necessary for a productive society.

This, combined with removing affirmative action for women, takes one about half way to patriarchy since women would be largely economically dependent on men. Of course to have such a system, you would have to revoke women's right to vote since women would never vote for this.

There are three other changes needed to fully achieve patriarchy. One is to allow men to defend their wives from other men. In early America and Ancient Athens, men were allowed to kill other men who had sex with their wives. This is how it should be. This prevents "bad boys" from undermining patriarchy.

The second change needed is to enforce modesty of dress in women. This can be done either by requiring it by law, or by allowing immodestly dressed women to be raped. As you probably know, the Romans well understood this issue. This is needed to prevent women from exercising too much sexual power.

And the third needed change is the legalization and protection of prostitution. This is needed to give men a guaranteed sexual outlet that does not cause them to undermine patriarchy by chasing other men's women.

My money is on Doc not allowing that sort of shit here either....

The Man On The Street is on the street for a reason.......
It's not illegal to be male.....yet.


My money is on Doc not allowing that sort of shit here either....

Yes, that was my post.  I see nothing wrong with it at all.  I am quite curious to see what the moderators here think.
Biblic Judaism because modern culture is evil

Captain Courageous

My experience of antimisandry.com was a horror show. It considered itself a training ground for female leaders of the Men's Movement, under the tutelage of "The Teachings of Amforkedass". If you didn't feel it necessary to have an annoying 19-year old attention whore write as though you are her intellectual inferior, or a 39-year old dually-diagnosed chemical dependency counselor write to you as though you're one of her clients at the in-patient facility; you were called a "farmboy", accused of "raving and ranting" and arrogantly told to "grow up" (regardless of your age)!!! :downtown:


See nothing wrong with your post?!?!! dude, you said it should be ok to rape a woman, who isnt dressed right? What the fuck is wrong with you?

No room for someone like you here, Not quite sure why you are here. But something is wrong with you

jean bush

Hey guys needs to go to my site at www.americansw.blogspot.com to see how relations between men and women have deteriorated in this modern age due to the Illuminati use of Feminism as a weapon to destroy our traditional culture. 

Immodestly dressed women, mostly younger, will learn eventually what kind of men they are attracting that way and what they need to change to get quality men who want marriage and perhaps children.  This insane fool who is promoting rape in order to convience these women of the "error" of their ways, needs to bend over himself!!


CaptainCourageous hit the nail on the head.

antimisandry.com could easily change the name to antiMisogyny and let one particular female judge all comments. It would resemble the Terrorfest that goes on there now. Sad site run by a big mangina.

It takes time to persuade men to do even what is for their own good.
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Men don't need women to fulfill themselves spiritually. They only need them to realize they don't need them.
~Henry Makow

Captain Courageous

Welcome back Billy!

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