British TV documentary finds evidence of US massacre

Started by DavidByron, Nov 08, 2002, 08:50 PM

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A British documentary claims to have proof that American troops watched as Northern Alliance soldiers allegedly slaughtered thousands of captured Taliban fighters during the Afghan war.

The makers of Channel Five's Afghan Massacre say they have evidence that US special forces were present during the alleged atrocities - in which 3,000 are said to have died - but did nothing to stop it.

Since the US had command responsibility the US regime is the one guilty of any such war crimes.
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You are really good at finding interesting news David.

Here is a good source for interesting links (It starts in Swedish - but I think you could understand most of it)
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i cant believe those feminists in the US military would stand by and watch while so many prisoners were killed. what a bunch of man haters! :arrow:  :arrow:  :arrow:  :arrow:  :arrow:  :arrow:  :arrow:

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