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Started by MRA4lif, Dec 02, 2009, 02:14 PM

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for everyone who doesnt know Title IX is the well intentioned legislation that allowed girls equal access to sports however, because of certain organizations (WSF, AAUW, NOW) title ix has transformed into a gender quota law that has resulted in discrimination.

It runs on the proportionality requirement meaning if you have 58% females in college then you have to have 58% (or close to it) female athletes.  I shouldn't have to tell you that college males want to participate in sports in much greater numbers than females so what usually happens is that you have many of these male athletes who want to participate in sports but can't and you have all of these mens teams that are being cut just to satisfy the proportionality requirement of Title IX.

many MRA's don't know but the CSC (college sports council) in 2008 launched an online petition to reform Title IX that petition can be found here

I encourage everyone who hates this law to sign the petition.


...Title IX is the well intentioned legislation...

Absolutely no single bit of gender legislation in any nations afflicted by rampant institutional misandry and femaleism is well intentioned.

Any bit of legislation that is not blind to race, sex, religion, class, colour or creed is malicious in intent and to be abolished not just amended.

Social engineering is not a good thing at any level. And its instruments and procedures cannot be reformed, improved or developed to have benign impact.


by well intentioned i mean that it wasnt mean to destroy mens sports in college it was designed to give girls equal access to sports however, i do agree that legislation that is intended for only one gender over the other is wrong but i also believe Title ix was needed back in the 70's absolutely NOT needed today nor is the VAWA, or the womens and girls council.

dr e

Thanks for posting this MRA4lif.  I hope that everyone has a look and signs it.  Title IX is killing our young men's opportunities for sports on a collegiate level and no one seems to care.  Sports like wrestling, gymnastics, fencing etc are getting nailed.

You might want to also post it on the main forum where more folks may see it.

I hope you will introduce yourself.

Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.


your right no one does seem to care (since i posted this it has 32 views yet only 2 new signatures on the petition) ill try also posting it on the main forum to see if it helps any, also thanks for your signature E I appreciate it still i thought there would be a couple more signatures but ill keep trying.. 


I've  dealt  with  the  College  Sports   Council  before.    They  do  wonderful  work.  I  recall  their  heartfelt  campaign  as  they  tried  to  save  the  men's  sports   teams  at   James   Madison  University  in  the   2006-2007  school  year.

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