girls awarded far more scholarships then boys in the same sports

Started by MRA4lif, Dec 10, 2009, 11:58 AM

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according to the CSC sports where the genders compete (male and female equivalen sport) girls are awarded far more scholarships than boys over 12,000 more 32,656 for girls and only 20,206 for boys this should outrage us at such obvious discrimination and favortism by the NCAA, ironic too because this is at a time when boys are lagging behind in school and are a minority in college (42%).

but to be fair its not all the NCAA's fault many schools are forced to bribe females to participate in sports so they have and even ratio (proportionality) which is of course because of title ix but it is my belief that in sports (at least where genders compete) their should be even distribution of scholarships i doubt that will ever happen tho after all this is a mens (boys) rights issue so who cares rights

also its not a relatively new study (came out in 2008) and i believe its been posted before by Captain Courageous but since its being virtually ignored on many MRA sites (and of course by the media) I feel it needs to be reposted here. also like to know what you think.

you should also check out the website.

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