Proposal in Maryland to restrict men's rights to contact foreign women

Started by ., Jan 21, 2010, 10:16 AM

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It's rather quite simple to see... really.

So, make it somehow illegal for a western man to marry a foreign woman.  Problem solved.


Take away 'the right to choose' for men?  Hmmm!

And here's another thought....What if men told white women they could not marry black men?!?!


The only way to get rid of laws like this is to ask the man-hating legislators why they don't want to protect their domestic sisters from men... Err abusers.


They sure are working hard in Maryland to guide men right into the divorce machine.  Of course, bringing a foreign woman into this environment gives her just as many legal options as the locals, and so from a man's perspective, the only sensible options are celibacy and going expat.


Im gonna be the black sheep for this, but we dont need any more god damn foriegners in this country
enough is enough
immigration from third world shitholes is one of the biggest problems this country has
you wanna marry a foriegn person, move to their fuckin country
america should be for fuckin americans
same goes for exchange students, "guest workers", all that shit

No, I am not going to criticise you about this. It is essentially correct. I just give some background info and minors adjustments. Available at

which is why I say, get those Chinese women while they last.

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