DV "Out of control" in Connecticut

Started by wractor, Feb 16, 2010, 08:07 PM

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The Hartford Courant has been printing a "Battered Lives" section on Domestic Violence for several months now, and there's been a rally, and proposed new legislation by  Representative Christopher Donovan.

One idea is that batterers be forced to wear a GPS Monitoring system; this has a lot of support.
Another is that "information on dating violence" be given to schoolchildren.

Unfortunately, the Courant, Donovan and everyone else has painted domestic violence as a 100% male-on-female.

There is a "study" being quoted as "There are 50,000 new cases of Domestic violence in Connecticut, it's epidemic, it has to stop" (PANIC in the streets!) I'm not saying it's false but that does seem high.

If RADAR has any factual brickbats I can use to take to The Capitol, I'd appreciate it.
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