Meet JUAN BOBO - Muy Grande Mangina Hispanico (Spectacular!)

Started by Captain Courageous, Mar 19, 2010, 01:51 PM

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Captain Courageous

He has taken a course titled "Feminist Legal Issues".  :sad1:

This is taken from his blog, verbatim ...

"I see myself and I proudly realize: 'This is what a feminist looks like.' "

[By the way. "Bobo" means "Fool" in Spanish!]

One ethnic group I hoped would be immune to this indoctrination. Que lastima!


The guy's a total idiot. Get a load of this:
I cannot believe we can't imagine a society without prostitution, battering, sexual assault, child abuse, or even pornography. These concepts are so engrained in our society and such a big part of "life" as we call it, that we just decide to let it happen.

Oh yes, ask any random person you meet on the street - "Are prostitution, battering, sexual assault, child abuse and porn a big part of your life?" I'm certain most people would agree.  And we "decide to let it happen". I suppose that's why arrests for these crimes are made every day.
If we act like this with pornography and all the aforementioned social dilemmas and just let them happen we are going to end up raising our children in the most corrupt lifestyle possible. We are going to see Las Vegas strip club commercials on Ultimate Fighting Championship matches or erotic services being offered during the morning news programs. Why not? What's stopping the porn industry from slowly infiltrating regular cable networks instead of being limited to pay per view networks?

Well this takes the cake - "going to end up raising our children in the most corrupt lifestyle possible." We are already doing that. Who was it that said out with the patriarchal sexual restrictions on women and grrrrllll power let's women have sex whenever with whomever?

BTW, who's this "we" he's speaking for? He ain't speaking for me.

Of course, there are other important topics to blog about: I pee... REALLY fast.
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Captain Courageous

Small wonder he's doing so well (and apparently getting so much out of) his Feminist course! BTW, does he stand up while he pees really fast?             :laughing6:

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