March for Women's Lives

Started by Amber, Dec 09, 2003, 07:18 PM

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I don't know how the hell I got this email.  But a march for LIFE?  They are familiar that the LIFE at stake is the fetus's ... right??  

God ... so dramatic!  Fight for life!  Unless women can kill unborn fetuses, they'll die!

Dear Feminist Activist,

We are very excited to tell you that the March for Women's Lives (March for
Freedom of Choice) on April 25th, 2004 in Washington, DC is moving forward
at an unprecedented pace. Already, over 400 national and local groups have
signed on as co-sponsors. Many celebrities including Margaret Cho, Laura
Dern, Janine Garofalo, Alix Olson and Alfrie Woodard have marked their
calendars to attend. And Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge will perform at
the 31st anniversary Roe v. Wade Feminist Majority's Rock for Choice
concert in Los Angeles this January.

Yes, the women's rights majority is fighting back. The recent signing of an
abortion procedure ban, the global gag rule, the drastic cutbacks in family
planning, the cutoffs in Medicaid funding-- and the list goes on-- have all
resulted in feminists saying, "We have had enough!" It's time to march,
organize and fight back.

We know you want to join in at this crucial time in our nation's decision-
making and make this March massive and historic. We have made it easy for
you to sign up and participate at Don't let another
minute go by- sign up today by clicking on the March banner. Better yet,
help your friends, co-workers, family members, group or colleagues to
organize a large delegation to march together on Washington this April for
women's lives. It will be an experience you will remember forever.

Your commitment to women's rights and your energy are essential to reverse
the right-wing assault on women's lives. We at the Feminist Majority know
that to mobilize your communities for this historic event you need all the
help you can get to manage this and your demanding life. That's why we
created a comprehensive organizing kit that is available at This kit provides information on everything from outreach
tactics to organizing delegations to coordinating travel logistics. Just
visit and click on the March banner at the top of the page
and start organizing!

We also produced the March for Women's Lives organizing video to assist you
in your mobilizing efforts. This video explains why we are marching and how
marches have changed the course of history. We are keeping the cost for
this video at a bare minimum-just $5.00. You can order it today at It will inspire you and your fellow feminists to plan
your first viewings right away.

We must not be pushed back any further. 70,000 women a year are dying of
unsafe and botched abortions in the developing nations already because of
our hypocritical foreign policies on family planning. And there are many
women who are needlessly suffering right here in the United States. We look
forward to working with you to make this March the largest women's rights
action this country has ever seen.

Contribute to the Feminist Majority's fight to protect reproductive rights!
Donate at

For Equality,

Ellie Smeal
President, Feminist Majority and Feminist Majority Foundation

Jessica Terlikowski
March Coordinator, Feminist Majority Foundation
he men's movement is a hate movement.  

What feminism is to men; the men's rights movement is to women.

Men's rights activists blame misandry for all their problems in the same way that feminists blame the patriarchy.

The only thing men's rights activists are good at is abusing women.  

And you can quote me on that.  :D


70,000 women are dying because of botched abortions?  :shock:

I wonder if they got those stats from the same people who told them 100,000 women were dying of eating dissorders every year in America alone.   :?

The Gonzman

Lessee - We have abortion clinics where no doctor is on staff, no trauma equipment is present, and where the surgical theatre is no more sterile than a doctor's office.  And we must have this so that women don't have back alley abortions in clinics that have no lifesaving gear, no physician, and in a non-sterile environment.

How's this again?
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am the MEANEST son-of-a-bitch in the valley.

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