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Started by Pernicious, Dec 10, 2003, 10:24 AM

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Dad rescues baby son from train's path

A Sydney man has rescued his baby son from the path of a train after his pushchair rolled off a platform.

Mark Canty jumped on to the tracks at Riverwood station and threw the pushchair holding 10-week-old Conor back on to the platform.

He managed to wedge his body up against the platform as the eight-carriage train hurtled past centimetres from his head.

Both Mark and Conor emerged from their ordeal unscathed except for cuts and bruises, says the website.

Mr Canty said: "I could see the train coming from a distance, and when I turned back around the stroller was rolling down towards the tracks. It landed upside down on the track closest to the platform after falling more than a metre.

"All that was going through my mind was that he was just a baby and I'm 41, so if anyone was going to die I wanted it to be me."

Mr Canty believes the strength of Conor's stroller was a factor in saving his son's life, as were the shoulder straps used to secure him. It was the first day Mark and his wife had used the shoulder straps.

Story filed: 13:53 Wednesday 10th December 2003
 do what I need to do to protect my loved ones, friends, and family. This is what men do.

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