The MRAs' Court: What Should Be Done With This Father???

Started by Captain Courageous, May 18, 2010, 01:49 PM

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Captain Courageous

Cops: Dad tries to trade baby for beer or drugs

Employee outside Mass. convenience store notifies police

Associated Press

CHICOPEE, Mass. - A Massachusetts man offered to trade his 3-month-old daughter to an employee at a gas station and convenience store in exchange for beer, or perhaps crack cocaine, police say.

Matthew Brace, 24, of Northampton allegedly made the offer on Monday in what Chicopee Police Chief John Ferraro Jr. called "a new low."

"It's not a joke; this is very serious," Ferraro said Tuesday, according to The Republican.

Ferraro told the newspaper that Brace and his girlfriend, who has not been charged, encountered an employee outside a gas station and convenience store in Chicopee.

When the employee asked the couple about the age of their baby, Brace allegedly put his 3-month old daughter and her stroller into the employee's truck.

"For two 40s, you can have her," Brace told the employee, according to Ferraro's account.

The chief added that "40" is slang for both beer sold in a 40-ounce bottle and crack cocaine. Investigators are not sure whether Brace meant beer or crack, he said.

The man called police. The couple was later found at a nearby motel, where Brace was trying to hide the stroller behind a trash bin, police said.

State child welfare officials took the baby into custody.

Brace was not arrested but will be summoned to court to face a charge of reckless endangerment of a child, police said. A phone number for him could not immediately be found.

The child's mother, who was in the store at the time buying cigarettes, has not been charged.



The woman could abandon the child with no questions asked why not the man. Hell they are not even charging the woman now, and she knew what was happening and went along with it. When we hold the woman up for some standard of conduct then I will say the man needs to be punnished.

But in seriousness I say lock them both up. I do not want to become like that which a view with contempt.
You may sleep soundly at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence upon those who seek to harm you.

Captain Courageous

They should both do time ... no excuses!


State child welfare officials took the baby into custody.

I bet that they didn't even give a can of beer for her, let alone crack.  :yikes:
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Cordell Walker

make that son of a bitch drink steel reserve 211
"how can you kill women and children?"---private joker
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Hey, Cordell, I drink Steel Reserve! Almost exclusively.
I'm probably the only cracker that does...
Come to think of it, I might be the only human being that does...

But anyway, to the larger point, I take issue with this guy being called a "Father". Call it a subhuman that spawned or something, don't call it a Father, that's a smear on real Fathers everywhere.
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