I Love Fred Reed

Started by The Gonzman, Jul 01, 2010, 09:09 AM

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The Gonzman


Awesome.  Just fucking awesome with awesome sauce.

Certain dialogs become common:

"All you want is sex!"

"Uh...what else have you got?" or "So what?"

Or, "Marriage? Why? Would sex be better? Would food taste better? I don't get it."

Or, "Marriage doesn't make sense. Do you want to eat in the same restaurant all your life?"

Marriage of course has only the function of getting the woman's legal hooks into the guy. It's a set-up aimed at child support and nothing else.

Anyway, it was the world women crafted, but somehow it didn't suit them. Nothing does. They relapsed to their default position: Furious.

Read it.  And read it ALL.
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Yup, great editorial as usual. About the only thing I can't agree with Fred on is the immigration issue.

Captain Courageous

He should be the spokesman for the Men's Rights Movement.


Cue female saying "but but I'm not like that."
You may sleep soundly at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence upon those who seek to harm you.

Captain Courageous

What's his email address? Let's invite him to join the forum here.


About the only thing I can't agree with Fred on is the immigration issue.

Any links to his writings on the subject?
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Fred is outspoken and completely Politically Incorrect.

When I first started reading him I thought he was a bit racist (he would point out a lack of African-American high acheivement), but then realized he was the ONLY columnist I knew who actually cared.  What I mean is this:  If you can't/won't identify or acknowledge there IS a problem, you can't fix the root cause.

And his take on American women versus women from Asian and Mexico is spot on.  He mentions how American women, using shaming language (never seen THAT before, huh?) will say that American men want submissive wives.  The reality is the term submissive is being twisted to describe women who are not uber-bitches, who respect their beloved, and who appreciate and give to the person they have married.

Wow - evil concept huh?  See, my wife looks at it like this:  Her husband goes to work and provides for the marriage - for this she is GRATEFUL.  In other words I come home from work and my wife, who works part/full time  feels she should do things around the home as her part to contribute, for her man, because he went to work to provide and he (me) did his part.


An American man comes home to a (very) stereotypical American harpy (again, SOME American women - hardly all!) - guy comes home and she's like - "Ok, I'm ready to do something, what are we doing?  Hey, here is my 'honey-do' list - what are you doing for 'us' today?"

One is nurturing and appreciative, and one is demanding and never satisfied.  Male or female - which would you want?

Now, men can get for free what before they got only with a commitment - couple that with guys growing up seeing what happened to dad - WHY would they marry in this country to a woman who grew up in this female centric country.

As a side note - my wife is blown away at how crimes committed by women are treated so differently by our press.

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