A family's joy

Started by davis2ab, Aug 05, 2010, 05:57 AM

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So, the young man comes home from military service in Germany. The family loves him and is excited to see him.  He announces with pride that he is engaged. His fiance is perfect in every way -- she would traditionally be considered a wonderful choice. However, the family is horrified. His older  sister takes him aside and tells him the reality of what he is facing -- a good chance of losing half of everything including his retirement, losing his children, paying child support, etc. His parents are horrified.   He is surprised at their ice cold response.

True story.  Time are a changing.  A wedding in the family may involve mourning equivalent to a funeral.


Your saying this like its a bad thing.
Imagine waking up tomorrow to find
that unbelievably rape is now legal.

You would be freaking out, telling everyone you ran into this is crazy- something needs to be done... now!!! And then every man you told this to just very smugly and condescendingly says...

"Hey... not all men are 'like that.'"

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