Finally a Man with a set of balls takes on the courts.

Started by D, Dec 16, 2003, 08:21 PM

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Unfortunately, this time it is on account of false abuse allegations
that have been made against him.

The case of Alligator Dave -- An Ontario man that, although he already
got jailed without trial and had his ribs broken while in jail,
doesn't take it lightly to have been falsely accused of having raped
his ex-wife (in the presence of the police, no less!).  He is now
fighting in the court to become exonerated, and he is doing quite well
on his own, without a lawyer.
  Years ago Dave Thornton earned his laurels as the well-renowned
Alligator-Dave, the bane and Nemesis of Ontario crown prosecutors and
other officials that try to twist the law into a pretzel.  No doubt,
he will do just as well now, fighting for his own rights, as he did
then, when he was fighting for the under-dog, the common man.
  Then he was so famous that he was featured on W5.  Will he become
that famous again?

Check Alligator-Dave's website (just started) at

Walter H. Schneider
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Hey Dan,
  Got a comment and a question for ya.  First the question: correct me if I am wrong (you have read enough of my stuff to know when I am being authoritative versus inquiring), but if I send you to jail on a false allegation, aint I partially responsible if you get beat up there.  I think the charge is conspiracy in the crime.  Maybe it's collusion.  I am not sure.  I know that prosecutors are pretty much immune, though the state itself is somewhat libel for damages if you prove your innocence and are incarcerated.  But I have heard that if someone puts you in jail on a false charge, that if you get hurt or injured while there, and then are proven to be innocent, the false accuser can be held criminally liable.  I really think we should look at this.  Think it over, most men who go to jail for DV, rape, or child abuse are beat-the-f*ck-up, or raped.  If we can explore the criminal liability of the accuser we should do so, and then spread the word.  NOW: MY COMMENT: I don't think to many prosecutors are gonna file charges (should my question prove to hold water), but it would open a door to men who have gone through this hell.  Get back to me on this, as I value your opinion.

With regards,
--- Steven
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First off.  Yes.  I used to tell people that in some cases false accusations could also be considered attempted murder.  For example.  I heard this situation first hand, it goes something like this.  A woman made a false accusation of assault against this guy.  The service workers who were working on her case said and I quote "Oh they'll kill him in there."  Meaning other prisoners will kill the accused when he gets to jail.  Later evidence came up that the workers coached the witness in how to lie and decieve the judge, many of whom think with their dicks anyways, to believe her story.  

By adding the two together I see it as attempted murder in this case.  

Secondly.  Civil court may be the only remedie for many men in this situation.  But the police are not immune to lawsuits and the more people  you nail to the wall the better. There are numerous areas that are vulnerable in regards to police conduct and investigatory methods that one could attack.  However, the biggest thing against men is that they are not generally seen as human and as of deserving consideration in these cases.  The people need to be informed as they've been sadly msinformed for so long.  

Luckily the genuine group the IWF are sincere in their efforts in establishing fairness and honesty in their work.  I see the IWF as one of the very few, if not the only group that are interested in that goal.  Of course they are concerned with women's issues on the whole.  It is more than clear to me that they care about the whole picture including men.  I would like to see a men's group more like the IWF if one doesn't already exist.


Personally I think that the more people learn about the courts and the justice system and take it upon themselves to defend themselves will go a long way in destroying the system for its corruptness right now.

Nobody will work on your case harder than you.

Which means lawyers will try to make it illegal for you to defend yourself in the not to distant future if this catches on.  

But lawyers are quickly becoming an elite power class, much like an aristrocracy which needs hacking down.  The system is no longer about justice it is about process, and the more they process the more money they make.

Imprisoning people is big money to people in powerful positions.  Powerful enough to completely mislead us to the truth.

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