Started by Bilbo, Dec 18, 2003, 09:01 AM

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Has anybody been following the story going on in France with Chirac's plan to ban all(or mostly all) religious symbols in schools?  No more hijabs, yarmulkes or crucifixes.  Not surprisingly, NPR's singleminded focus is on how this will discriminate against Muslims.  In fact, you'd think that that was the only religion involved.  Never mind the fact that Catholicism is the largest religion in France.  Anyway, NPR is furious.  They had a few interviews with French school children who were pretty much indifferent,  Bob Edwards, host of NPR's Morning Edition was not so willing to let Chirac off the hook.  In a supreme example of hypocrisy(bear in mind the children don't care), Edwards asks his correspondent in France, "What kind of politician tries to make a big controvery out of nothing?"  

Gee, I dunno, Bob.  Perhaps one that has his eyes on a job at NPR?

I really don't know why I waste my time listning to NPR anymore.  It gives me high blood pressure.
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Well, I heard Chirac speak on the subject... and he was pretty specific that crucifixes and the star of David would be allowed as long as they were not immediately noticable... In other words, it's ok to have a quite voice about faith, but not ok to be visibly obvious about it.

But I'm against the policy altogether... It erodes the right to religion, and disguises itself as a policy to protect said right.  The same type of thing is happening in America and in most western countries...  The seperation of church and state has indeed taken the form of the banishment of all religion or freedom of speech in the state.  It's definately against the American constitution, and I hear tale that the French constitution is based on ours... But if you look in the news you'll see where people are censoring religion all over the world, and in America as well.

The Christmas tree in Washington DC is officially called a 'Holiday Tree'...

I heard of a Santa-Claus who was working at an elementary school this year who was fired for replying to the question "What is the meaning of Christmas" with "It's the celebration of the birth of Jesus."  ... ... ... There are people who are trying to take all religious connotation out of Christian Holidays... meanwhile... it's OK to talk about Jewish or Muslim holidays because that's "Cultural" not "Religious"  ...  Bullshit.

The problem here is that the Rightists are censoring our right to speak, and the Leftists are censoring our right to faith...  Which means that no matter who wins, we lose our rights... Who's agenda could this ultimately serve?
Society does not have the right to discriminate against victims of domestic violence because of their gender."  -

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