Oppression Equity?

Started by Pacman7331, Sep 27, 2010, 10:21 PM

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       When I mentioned to someone that men were oppressed because we always have to worry about the fact that at any time a female (weather we know her or not) could make a false accusation of a man of sexual harassment or rape. And he would be immediately locked in a cage and most of them DO get put into prison! And many of them are later found to have been innocent! And the argument against that: This is fair because at any time a man could go out and rape a girl, because of his superior strength.
         But the penalty for rape is something way far beyond the oppression that being rape gets you. A rape is a one time trauma, staying in prison for 30 something years is a 30 year trauma. Rape OK horrible - but you go on with your life. Do you get to go on with our life in prison? No. Then even if your innocent of a false accusation your life is still torn apart. Not only that not all men ARE strong enough!
This is just outrageous. I dunno how this human civilization can simply go about it's business with this unbelievable level of oppression. And then to top on all that the fact that there is ZERO penalty for false accusations. It's sick. It's just wicked and you know it's the work of hate.
   Then there is sexual harassment? What IS sexual harassment? Is that fair? To make it impossible to define so you always have a air of guilt about yourself because you can't for the life of you figure out what it is? Does it just mean being sexy around women? Does it mean talking about sex? Does it mean thinking about it? It's different for whoever you talk to. And yet by the subjective definition of it one can oppress someone into a cage for it. Thats not fair.
   Laws are supposed to bring about fairness. These laws are oppressive.


Did I already post a thread about this or something?

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