MenZ issue 3 is out....

Started by Factory, Oct 11, 2010, 08:17 AM

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Incidentally, Issue 2 is nearing 31,000 views after 30 days...

Mr. X

I got a missing item error when clicking the link. look forward to reading it. You do a great service.
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You know what would be really cool dude?

Make an App for the iPhone and get subscriptions to the magazine to view on the iPhone just like you do online. I like the virtual book BTW.


Actually, for a fee this site will create an iPad / iPhone app for you.  That's 2 levels of service above the free one.  The 'Pro' version would allow printing the full magazine, allow animations and video, let me know where all these hits are coming from, allow embedding of advertisements (and pay the magazine on them), etc...  That's where I'm hoping to take this next.  Keep in mind, it'll still be free to view, but there may be Tampon Ads in the magazine somewhere.

But it will take every single MRA that's behind this to keep updating the links and images, and keep pushing the magazine.  They are my advertising budget, after all.  But if we can keep this level of readership up, I can begin to pay authors for their work, pay for illustrations and design...hell, maybe even pay myself a little bit after all depends on how many people read the magazine...

By the way, Issue 2 is sitting at 34,000 views now....


Would also be cool if you could share like or unlike it on facebook or whatever.


Unfortunately, I have no control over the website...they're based in Australia, and I'm in Canada.

Might be a good suggestion to send them though...


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Just about at 50,000 views for issue 2....around 100 for issue 3.  There can be no greater argument for good advertising....

If you have a blog/web presence, and you could link the magazine's current issue, I would very much appreciate it folks.  Apparently, each issue exists as a separate entity, and it's not easy to find unless you have a link.

Hmmm, I have more work ahead of me..

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