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Started by Pacman7331, Oct 20, 2010, 07:30 PM

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Anyone recommend a good PUA forum?

While I knew of the concept I didn't really realize the Pick up Artistry concept and advantage until I started reading MRA literature. Namely Factory's magazine. The MRm! and now MENZ magazine...

I have a few issues with PUA:

1) I never put too much stock into the idea of modifying my behavior in order to suit a female's preferences weather or not I wanted her - this isn't really just a thing I have with women but with anyone or anything... that is one of my values - to be myself - that to me is self empowerment while anything less is servility.

2) It (can) somewhat verges on vagina worship, while vaginas are wonderful - I don't wish to put them at the center of my life. I'm more of a MGTOW. (Allot of women's egos are far too big anyway)

3) I don't believe in the idea that a person can or should try to trick a person into getting them to do what they want. Nor do I believe in the 40 ways to "___" or step by step guides to get laid. Frankly things just don't work that way at least not for me, no formula's no secret techniques. What a boring world it would be if they did work that way! Also I don't seek advice because usually when I get it it's total garbage...


I have the need to discuss and consult with others on the uncharted but perhaps recognizable patterns of human female earthling people. Not only to avoid hopeless women and minimize time and energy spent but to avoid dangerous situations. As we all know it's a land mine field out there one small step at the wrong time/place can get you into allot of trouble.

So it's practical to have a resource with which to consult to see what action to take in a certain scenario.

Finally it's also a documented front line of the current relations between man and woman, i'm beginning to respect the idea more - not seeing it as a group of fools with an insatiable itch to scratch and an ego to stroke... but a group of thoughtful individuals making well thought out plans to correctly deal with intimate relations of the male and female.

Women use allot of indirect communication strategies... this to me is like building a house with toothpicks - I simply don't see the purpose of it therefore I don't allow for it or understand it whatsoever - (and also I see it as a bit devious)... nonetheless if there are clear signals that I am missing simply because they are vague I'd like to be able to get the picture so as to make adjustments.

I hope at least i'm on the right track with that...

Discuss =)

Captain Courageous

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Our friend Roosh has a forum by and for PUA's:



No, it reinforces negative stereotypes of men. I don't see feminist forums about how to please men.

Does PUA get you laid or does it help you find a caring, intelligent woman to spend your life with?

I suppose that a PUA forum would be OK as a sideline. Of course feminists would pick up on it and claim that MRAs are just men who try to trick women into sex, quoting heavily from the new forum.
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Captain Courageous

Pac, you might want to google or bing a guy named Roissy.


The TECHNIQUES of a PUA are good to have.
The BEHAVIOR of PUAs...The "Nail and Bail" approach to merely accumulating bedpost-notches...are tantamount to sex addiction. It's also gradually putting womens' guard up against "Players" and increasing the hatred of men.

Hopefully, after a space of time, men and women can just be themselves again without having to go through these routines.

I recommend www.rockherworld.net. It's not PUA material per se but I've done some exhaustive research on sex and relationships as well as including real-life experience. It's practically a mix of PUA/MRA.
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I think the major focus of the PUA people is: How to be attractive to the opposite sex.

I know that there is the extreme fringe that is going to HYPMOTIZE them into sex and all the rest, but if she wants to have sex for whatever reason (i.e. it's not rape), I have no chivalry left in me to worry about it. I just don't think the extreme fringe is going to be very effective.

Aside from the fringe people, getting back to what I said, it's all about how to be attractive to the opposite sex.

Women grow up with this. There is "17" and Cosmo and all the other magazines oriented towards manipulating boys and later men. Men are usually going through their macho phase and then later learning how to do something useful in the world. They have to. Women don't necessarily have to. Learning how to manipulate men COULD well be their bread and butter, and they could well get more money off it that anyone here will ever have.

So what's the problem with telling other men what really works as far as being attractive to the opposite sex? I dunno.

I guess chivalry says that you can't get any advantage. You just have to beat up the other men and make more money than them and then your beloved will finally love you. Forever and ever and she will never look at another man again for the rest of her life.

Maybe PUAs are just teaching men not to be utter morons.


To be sure, there are some guys that would never get anywhere without PUA skills. Ross Jeffries, the founder of Speed Seduction, looks like the lovechild of Boris Karloff and Woody Allen. Neil Strauss of "The Game" is often mistaken for Moby when he goes to clubs. So it is helpful for men that don't have physical attractiveness on their side.

I don't think Chivalry is bad if it's Rational Chivalry...it's the difference between being a gentleman and a sucker.
Pamper women when they're worthy of it, don't kiss their asses.
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To TheDude:

With respect, I think the major focus of PUA's is stalking the wild orgasm, through existential chess gambits.


the major focus of PUA's is stalking the wild orgasm, through existential chess gambits.

Pretty good formulation...
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But there are games what women play, PUAs are good to counter that. I think the many of the ladies just naturally have the manipulative and strategic game running as a regular part of their femininity, PUA can help to counter it. I think it comes mostly from their immaturity. Which is rare not to see during the peak sexual power of the female life span being early in life.
Then there are also the sick little tricks that the women's magazines prescribe as empowerment... Then feminism, misandry, courtship etc. All this is against you.

Captain Courageous

PUA's are the 21st-Century equivalent of Casanovas, Lotharios, etc.

Misandry? What misandry?

Matriarchy? You must be kidding!

They don't seem to come into contact with radfems or gender fems.


Pac, you might want to google or bing a guy named Roissy.

So you read this guy's work? "Bang"? What do you think of it? Or in other words - why do you recommend him in particular?


BANG is actually by a guy named Roosh. (www.rooshv.com). A lot of good advice there overall but I found him hypocritical in some areas...like most PUAs, MFF threesomes are his Holy Grail, but if a girl is ever in a FMM threesome, she'd 'dead to him'.

One thing about PUAs and "Game" that has me concerned is that a lot of writing on MRA boards praise Game as some form of 'salvation', and 'our best weapon in the battle of the sexes'. I've got to call bullsh*t on that.

Game will get you laid or start a relationship; all well and good. It will NOT fix VAWA, Title IX or roll back any sexist laws.

In fact, I can see false DV and false Rape charges increasing as more girls want revenge on being dumped by 'players'.
"If you're going through Hell...Keep Going."--Winston Churchill.
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