Traditional marriage laws are swept aside in landmark decision by Supreme Court

Started by slayton, Oct 23, 2010, 05:57 AM

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Court President Lord Phillips said that the law cannot prevent a couple deciding how to arrange their affairs should they come to live apart and that all English courts should follow the precedent.

'In future it will be natural to infer that parties who enter into an ante-nuptial agreement to which English law is likely to be applied intend that effect should be given to it,' he said.

Gee, is that to say a legal incorporation would serve the interests of BOTH parties involved, provided that after a suitable period of "discovery", BOTH parties are deemed fit to enter into a contract.?
Where have I heard this new idea before?
This is why I no longer grant credibility to "marriage in the eyes of the court", and especially  toward tiresome claims for "gay" marriage. If it's simply all about the Benjamins, assets, and "recognition", then save the wedding party expense, and spend (about) US$150 establishing  a (revocable) Limited Partnership.

If ignoring the provisions of "family/civil/divorce" court law turns out to be unacceptable to pumpkin, (or pumpkin's mother, or pumpkin's "advisers"), well then... just give them the prevailing escort fee,and move on.

Make sure you get a receipt.   


Interesting that they still gave a man who lost his frigging legs the hammer though. His money was from BEFORE the marriage and they STILL gave her most of it. After all, she needed it more to be able to stay home and raise the kids instead of working as an able bodied, independent woman who doesn't need a man than he did as a man injured while working!

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