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Hi Dennis, I read your thoughtful piece in a different thread regarding false allegations and what  we can do regarding such. I can tell you what I have done.

This past summer a serial accuser named Jessica Langshaw was arrested, charged and convicted of filing  8 false allegations of rape against 8 different men and then extorting over $500,000 from them.  She did this with the help of her boyfriend who was charged as an accomplice. Filing a false report is a felony, so is extortion. The result: She got one year in jail...her boyfriend got two years. Go figure.

I thought that justice was not served so I took the liberty of writing the Sacremento Bee, the S.F. Examiner, and the office of Jan Scully - the D.A. who prosecuted the case. Here is a reprint of my post in a different group followed by a reprint of my letter:

I posted the following to the group:

"Hi Ed, just to let you(and others) know, my letter to the SF
Chronicle regarding the sweet deal D.A. Jan Scully gave to the
treacherous Jessica Langshaw in the extortion, false rape accusation
case raised a few eyebrows. Who knows, maybe it will help spur
discussion and awareness, maybe change. Who knows, but it can't hurt
to write. Right?:

Thanks for the note. I'm passing it along to the newsroom. There
might be interest in a follow-up story.

Dick Rogers
Readers' Representative
San Francisco Chronicle
(415) 777-7870

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Subject: Extortion and eight false accusations of rape"

Now, here's the actual letter I sent to the newsroom and to the D.A.:

"I read in total disgust the 1 year plea deal Jan Scully D.A.
graciously gave to Jessica Langshaw after she was caught extorting
money from and falsely accusing eight men of rape. I guess in Jan
Scully's estimation, a woman ruining the lives of eight men is
tantamount to disorderly conduct or less. The multiple counts of
extortion, perjury and filing false reports warrant severe sanctions
and penalties...don't you think? Apparently Jan Scully does not.
Eight men's lives were ruined and her office doesn't seem to care,
nor is she concerned about preventing such treacherous, repugnant,
egregious conduct in the future. Who does she represent? What kind of
minister of justice is she? This deal is a disgrace upon Jan Scully
and her office. What's a man's life the math, per Jan
Scully's office 45 days apparently."

I corresponded back and forth several times with the DA's office. I got my message across. This is activism...I encourage others to do likewise.


Dennis????   Ooops, I meant Steve...I think.

Sir Jessy of Anti

What is needed is a false rape accuser registry.  Anyone convicted of knowingly filing a false report of rape should be put on the registry.  I'm sure that this is not a new idea, but it would help the police do their job.  This woman was only found out because state police coalesced for a meeting of minds, and happened to come across the fact by sharing information.  It was an accident.

This is not to say that someone who falsely accuses could not actually BE raped.  Not at all.  I'm simply saying make the crime of false allegations as untenable as possible.  This is good for real rape victims as well.
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I watched a TV show once that showed a cop using a criminal database that he said cops all over the country added data too. I don't remember the specifics but I'd assume they would enter her in the database for the crime of false accusations wouldn't they?

Sir Jessy of Anti

I am talking about adding them to the sexual offenders registry.
As far as I am concerned, anyone who knowingly makes a false accusation of rape or DV is as guilty as if they had committed the crimes (of rape or DV) themselves.

They are predators, and they are abusers.
"The man who speaks to you of sacrifice, speaks of slaves and masters. And intends to be the master." -- Ayn Rand<br /><br />


"This past summer a serial accuser named Jessica Langshaw was arrested, charged and convicted of filing 8 false allegations of rape against 8 different men and then extorting over $500,000 from them."

Do you know if she had to repay the $500,000?
What good fortune for government that people do not think."
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Ummm .... KAL147?  My name is Steven, not Dennis.  But it's all good.  Just so you know, as I do not care if my ID is known, my full name is :
L. Steven Beene II

I can't exactly hide, lol, as I have posted with my full name on many occasion.

But, on topic, I was also disgusted by what you said.  I did not find out the sentencing for Jessica Langshaw or her boyfriend.  I really am not surprised that the boyfriend got 2 years while Jessica got 1 year.  And, lets face it, had the case not become so high profile (should she have accused only 2-5 men), I doubt she would have spent a day in jail.  

In most cases where the woman is proven to be a total liar, the press publishes one last piece on the story and this is the last line every time:
"the D.A.'s office is considering bringing charges"
Now, we all know what that really means, but, fuck it, let ME say it: "we will put out the usual obligatory phraseology for the press, and make vague nonobligatory 'threats' about putting the 'victim' in jail."
Now let me break down what is really happening:

The press has been lapping up the ADA's "leaks".  The police and the ADA look ONLY for evidence that will convict.  Let's face it, even honest cops and ADAs (and there ARE some) are under intense pressure, scrutiny, and they may have political ambitions that the lives of a few innocent men are not going to deter.  The man's name is published and the woman's is not.  The press interviews and publishes.  

When the woman, in this case, is proven to be a total liar, they have to have a closing story.  They publish "rape advocates", mitigating circumstances excusing the "victim", and maybe a paragraph from the defense lawyer.  But the last, the defense lawyer's statement, is selected and is always the same: "we are glad this ordeal is over".  The defense lawyer may have spoken to the press for 20 min, but that is what is printed.  Meanwhile the ADA is "considering charges".  Funny, they weren't "considering" charges when the man was pulled out of his life, cuffed where ever he was found, and given over for a rigorous interogation.   Nope, they are "considering charges".  The press know this, I mean, this aint their first time "at the rodeo".  They print this lie and never revisit the story again.  In reality the ADA, bowing to Feminazi pressure, make excuses for the "victim" and if any charges are filed, they usually involve couseling and community service.  

Let's break that down.  Does anyone here honestly believe the "counseling" involves ANYTHING like what men are subjected to during the DV "victim empathy" sessions or even like the police interrogation that the falsely accused man went through.  Or does she get gentle, understanding mental "healing" for what she must have "gone through" for her to have done this.  And does ANYONE here think that if the woman doesn't do her community service that any further charges are brought against her?  

See, the problem is that the full stories of what happens to the men who are falsely accused and the women who do it are not told.  

Sorry if I rambled on, just thought you guys might want to know.

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It's weird that so many reporters would cover it up. A lot of them are male and they must realize what a false accusation of rape would do to a man. I guess it's all about the benjamins though.

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