Mangina admits it, Celebrates it.

Started by K9, Nov 25, 2010, 07:23 PM

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Explaining misandry to a feminist is like explaining "wet" to a fish.


Lots of good comments, links and etc in the replies as well as you being able to email him.

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Here's an example, starting with the commenter's profile:

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On a crusade to eliminate right wing trash, fundamentalist imbeciles and neurotic feminists.

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I'm Not an Alberta Redneck
9:17 PM on November 25, 2010
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Two years ago, I could have been you. I was a believer of the feminist inspired, MSM version of society. Only problem was it never seemed to work - a problem most men have found. It failed one last time and I started to look for an answer.

Do two things.

1) frequent Internet comment sites where women post anonymously. Read what they say with a critical eye and attempt to call them on it when their ideas seem unreasonable or just plain counterproductive. (There is a lot of this out there.) See how quickly you become the enemy. Women aren't interested in equality - that's just a talking point. They want their problems - problems they created for themselves - to be solved on the backs of men - the majority of men they have little use for.


2) Think of all the dysfunctional situations that men encounter w.r.t. women. See which theory explains it better - the feminist / MSM explanation or the MRA / MTGOW explanation. Any theory is only as good as what it explains and the feminist approach is only good for making women feel better by allowing them to call themselves victims - deserving of special treatment. No equality there, they don't want real equality where they are like men - responsible for their own mistakes. They'd rather have a solution that leads to ever more onerous burdens on men who have been giving and giving for 4 decades now.

Men are tapped out and most are completely fed up with this.

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This guys gonads haven't dropped yet.

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It takes time to persuade men to do even what is for their own good.
~Thomas Jefferson

Men don't need women to fulfill themselves spiritually. They only need them to realize they don't need them.
~Henry Makow


Going thru the comments I found this:


4:35 PM on November 25, 2010

My experiences with feminism have lead me to believe it is not about equality but about promoting a womans interests over men.

Whether it is in the Education system whichis designed to promote girls (the evidence of boys failing, dropping out and not going to university is astounding) or the health care system where studies and cures for what ails is tilted massively in favour of women (look at breast vs prostate cancer funding) or in the court system where men are constantly at a disadvantage in family court or in the media where woman like the Toronto Stars Heather Mallick can write sexist atrocious pieces that get top Editorial billing... The point has been made.

No, there is no equality and feminism is not about equality. I can tell you as a young straight white man (get your laughts in, Im use to it by now) that I have to be/know/have something much, much better at (x) than a woman, (lets not eve get into colour) for me to get the job interview, for me to get similar attention as a girl in the class and so on.

I am sorry, but Male Studies is a needed field, but why is it not permitted? Feminists are doing everything to teach the emasculation of man so much that only militant denial of feminist ideology is the only way to ensure a fair balance. Whether is a professior providing extra help, a boss promoting the unworthy and so forth the fact is that men need to bond together to stem the tide of feminist domination of our culture.

Young boys are being taught to be girls, especially in the school system. Gender roles favour the feminine over the masculine in all factors of society but in the board room and thats only because this era of CEOs have not died yet.

Like women who were mentally abused into thinking their place was only in the home in the 50's, men today are mentally abused at a young age into thinking that women are superior, disadvantaged and the model of conduct all at once, a model that boys are supposed to emulate and revere in school, the workplace and so forth.

One of the replies was removed for violating  their TOS. What's funny is that it had the highest score of any of the other comments I've seen so far! It had a score of 9 where the highest Ive seen was 8. So it makes you wonder...if it was such a popular post then why was it deleted?
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