Top judge says mothers should have children taken away if they don't let fathers

Started by slayton, Nov 27, 2010, 08:36 AM

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Top judge says mothers should have children taken away if they don't let fathers see them
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 1:26 AM on 27th November 2010

Mothers who refuse to let separated fathers see their children should have them taken away, a senior family court judge said yesterday.

The children should be handed over to the full time care of the father if the mother persistently defies court orders, Mr Justice Coleridge said.

He called for a 'three strikes and you're out rule' by which children would be taken away if mothers ignored three court orders.

The judge said that family courts are losing their authority because so many people take no notice of their judgments.

Around 5,000 new cases a year come before the family courts in which parents - almost always mothers - defy orders to let the other parent have contact.

Judges are extremely reluctant to jail such mothers because of the damaging effects on the children, so many continue to get away with it.

Mr Justice Coleridge, 61, said: 'If I were to call it three strikes and you're out it sounds insensitive but something like it perhaps should be the norm.'

He added that occasionally it might be necessary to send a mother to jail.


Also, charge with with child abuse. Put their pictures on wanted posters and on pizza boxes. Yes, and jail them for the third offense.
Explaining misandry to a feminist is like explaining "wet" to a fish.


automatic guilty,automatic jail,automatic removal of all firearms,automatic restraining orders,all on the FATHERS say so.

wouldn't that make things more like what women have now?


I left a message, but the messages are not updating.

The usual discussion follows.  People say "oh, yes!!  So long as the father is not a wife beater, child molester, child neglector etc".   But no one suggests that the mother could have any of these faults.

Everyone assumes that the mother is a good mother, except that she does not allow visitation.  We ask her if the father is bad.  She says "Oh yes! All of the above and more!"

Everyone says "Well he is a man, after all. Keep denying visitation, then."

Status quo, because fathers are assumed to be bad and mothers are assumed to be good.
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