Man arrested for wearing saggy pants in a Wal-Mart

Started by The Invisible Male, Nov 29, 2010, 03:26 PM

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The Invisible Male

Would store security ever confront a female shopper showing too much cleavage or having her thong sticking out, let alone having her arrested no matter how much of a hard time she gave the security officer?

I live near Sesame Place, an amusement park solely for preschoolers, and since it has a water park, many moms walk around in string bikinis, which is really offensive to me when I have my 2-year-old there.  The park could institute a rule requiring one-piece swimsuits, but they would never dare offend the moms by "restricting their civil liberties" on private property.  Women always have their sex-offender radar trained on men, but I think these exhibitionists are certainly guilty of indecent exposure when they are at a place specifically for preschoolers.
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Mr. X

yeah like half of walmart wouldn't be under arrest.
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The Biscuit Queen

Ok, I can't say I don't disagree with the anti-saggy pants POV-It drives me bonkers when these guys wear their pants so low that you can see their underwear.

That said, it also is gross when girls wear jeans so low either their muffin tops or hip bones stick out, and they grace you with plumbers cracks when they even think about leaning over.

I am an equal opportunity "cover it up I don't really want to see it" gal.
he Biscuit Queen

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