Why no anti-straight slurs?

Started by Mr. X, Jan 05, 2011, 01:40 PM

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Mr. X


So they get upset about this Captain's videos and claims of anti-gay and sexist slurs but yet I've seen some parts of these and he also makes comments about straights. No cries of anti-straight slurs or sexism against men. How come?

I see gay comedians always making jokes about straights and plenty of gay men like Perez Hilton making horrible comments about women. that they are whores or they are fat or the should be arrested by the fashion police.

So is there some excel spreadsheet somewhere in which the comedian's race/sex/sexual orientation is on the rows and the ridiculed is on the columns?
Feminists - "Verbally beating men like dumb animals or ignoring them is all we know and its not working."

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