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Started by The Biscuit Queen, Feb 01, 2011, 05:49 AM

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The Biscuit Queen

I decided to stop posting on manboobz because we were just driving up traffic and post numbers. Obviously he nor anyone else there wanted to hear another side of the story, and quite franly I was getting bored of repeating my self. Now he gets barely 20 replies to a post, compared to 60+ he was getting when we were all there.

I still pop in when I am bored, and maybe I shouldn't. It is just frustrating. He outright tried to tell me he is not targetting the MRM, then continues to do so. His posts are entirely strawman-he takes a quote, often out of context, puts his spin on it, then breaks it down. It is so illogical as to be bordering on the absurd. It just pisses me off that these sorts of sites are out there for people who do not have both sides to see. They hear the feminist side ad nausium, then if they try to find the men's side it is likely they will find a site like mb. Since most folks are not critical thinkers, they will buy into his crap rather than actually talk to an MRA.

It is frustrating, and makes me wish I understood more about internet marketing and search engines so we could tweak what people are shown when they make a search. If they search for men's rights, they actually find some sites representative of men's rights, not subversive feminist sites.  You know damn well the feminists have done the same thing.
he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.

Captain Courageous

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I've discovered the hard-way that sites like Futrelle's are at least sometimes a trap for the unwary. Dropping a trojan horse on you, sneaking a keystroke logger in on you; they can hit you in some high tech ways your outdated Norton or your freebie Spybot are not capable of even detecting, much less preventing. The anti-malware programs currently out there are supposedly 68% effective at best.

Dave is fronting for Amanda Marcotte and her "Team" ( He's probably getting some much-needed money, since he's a freelancer. He's already running thin on material to carp about. He's also apparently afraid his boyfriend will dump him for a "robot".

Let him come to your site to find out what you're writing about him.

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