Male babies are future rapists vid

Started by MRA4lif, Feb 07, 2011, 08:04 AM

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Im sure most of the peps on this forum have already seen this misandric video but just in case I will post it here and be sure to leave a comment on the video to the maker mangina "Jasper".

Riverview TV 1

Here is an E-mail list to their feminist org board members.

John Donovan     [email protected]
Jennifer Vandigo     [email protected]

Joyce Connors      [email protected]
Beth Klipping       [email protected]
Danielle Gratton       [email protected]
Peg Greimann      [email protected]
Judith Wehrle       [email protected]
Lenore Howard    [email protected]
Shirley Rosenthal      [email protected]
Whitney Jacque      [email protected]
Lynn Sutton     [email protected]
Keith Habel     [email protected]
Brian Cooper        [email protected]


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In the ideology of this commercial, manhood needs to be "redefined" in order to prevent innocent babies from later growing up to be rapists.  Notice that they're linking male-perpetrated rape with the definition of manhood, as if a rapist is merely acting on the lessons of manhood that he has received throughout his life from whatever sources.  He needs to be taught (according to this commercial) to self-identify as a girl in every way except his biological definition; in other words he has nothing to offer as a male and must act and think like a girl -- namely become feminine -- and in the process remove his otherwise rapacious toxic masculinity from the world.  I guess what this commercial is calling for is a "feminine masculinity."  Sort of like a "hot coldness," or a "spicy blandness," or a "dark brightness," or an "off onness."  Just redefine definition itself, so that no concept really has any meaning anymore if it might conflict with the emergent feminine power paradigm, in which the masculine male is likened to a rapist and is thus marginalized and socially castrated.

I suppose by this standard female-perpetrated rape somehow requires the socio-cultural castration of even more males, to prevent these women from idealizing the toxic masculinity of males that ostensibly makes female perpetrators commit the crime.  More misandry.

Blaming masculinity for the actions of a rapist (whether a rape is perpetrated by a female rapist or a male rapist) is the same as blaming the collective of men for the actions of a rapist.  THAT'S why this video carries a misandric message, because the correlation between masculinity and maleness is not entirely socially constructed as the feminists claim.  Masculinity is the distinctive quality of males; masculinity is maleness.  Males don't need to become ashamed of their distinctive identities; such a thing would not benefit males.

I would also caution my fellow men's advocates against the emerging trend within the men's rights movement to attack any and all definitions of masculinity.  Too many of our camp believe that the existence at all of any definition of masculinity is necessarily limiting and coercive to males.  The solution of such men's advocates is for the MRM to collectively blast the legitimacy of any attempt to provide definition to the concept of masculinity.  This takes a Marxist fighting technique (namely the dumbing down of the language as a means of subverting the dominant paradigm) and elevates it from a mere tactic into an actual ideal.  How can males benefit when it is politically incorrect for them to be taught about their own distinctiveness?  It is the goal of feminism to eliminate any meaningful social perception of male distinctiveness; it shouldn't likewise be our goal.


I noticed:

[email protected]

Do you happen to know if usbank is involved?


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Here is another of their videos spouting a bunch of bs stats:


So following their lead we should make a video showing all female babies as future child abusing, narcissistic, gold digging whores.

Things I remember my father teaching me about being a man are things like keeping your word. Do an honest days work so when you get your pay you can look your boss in the eye and not be ashamed. Don't be a bully, you have an obligation to look out for those smaller and weaker than you. I don't remember him ever telling me rape women to assert yourself. In fact, I remember my dad telling me that rape was the worst crime that could be committed. This is another attempt by the RadFems to define men as evil and frame the argument in terms as men being defective and thus in need of females to "Fix" them.
You may sleep soundly at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence upon those who seek to harm you.


gunshy im not sure if the bank is involved I only stumbled upon this video on the "a voice for men" website, kinda sad that this misandric garbage is being promoted by a "guy" too.

Captain Courageous

Notice the ratio of males to females on that board. Out of thirteen members, how many are male?

Please use the "Send Topic" button and email a copy of this thread, with an appropriate commentary, to each of these Kool-Aid connoisseurs. Thanks!


[What friggin' gall!]


I have sent an email to each of those people CC but like the MHN email I sent I dont expect to get any reply back. I will definitely post here if I do tho.

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It's not about getting a reply. It's about letting them know it sucks ... up front! :MRm3:

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