Men's Rights Movement Group at ASU

Started by Pacman7331, Feb 09, 2011, 01:29 AM

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So i'm finally getting this thing rolling. I've reserved space, and am printing up some "flyers" for the group.

Tomorrow is a event called "Tough Guise" which I'm going to use to promote my group.

This is the buisness card "flyer" i've got so far:

Working on a Poster with similar characteristics.

What do you all know of this "Tough Guise" show? Anything? I'm expecting it to be a feminist logos of male shaming at worst. And at best a decent discussion on the topic.

Here is a summer I found online about it:

What do you all think?

dr e

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Pacman!  This is excellent!  The business card flyer is a great idea and the picture is worth a million words.  My only concern is the title of your group having "men's rights" in it.  I have no problem with it personally but I know just the thought of "men's rights" sends all fems and importantly many moderates into a tailspin.  OTOH maybe this is a good thing. Hey, try it and see how it works.  Kudos for getting this going.  This is exactly what we need on all campuses.

I am guessing you will find the movie to be very misandrist.  Katz is one of those types who blame masculinity for the ills of the world and therefore holds all men responsible for every possible problem.  Predictably he holds femininity responsible for NOTHING.  It's all the man's fault.  I think  your take on the movie would be that men's rights cannot even be discussed in an atmosphere that blames men for everything. People simply don't see men as deserving.  You might want to show the lopsided nature of men/bad women/good and connect the dots to how men's rights are overlooked even by loving people since they hold men accountable for all problems.  What happens in a family where you have a boy and a girl and the boy is held accountable for all of the family problems?  Duh.  The girl gets the accolades and the privileges and the boy gets the blame and the "not until you" this or that will you get the same thing as your sister!  lol
Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.

The Biscuit Queen

Love IT!!

I really think the picture and caption are attention grabbing and inciteful. PLEASE keep us posted! 

he Biscuit Queen

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The flyer is good; excellent job, Pacman!
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 keep goin' pacman!


Yea I actually thought about renaming it to the Men's Movement group, but decided to stick with what I had already chosen.
This one does give the air of political issues more than just MM would. MRMg I think is a more strategic name for specifically the reasons you mentioned, and since the topic will be discussed... why not?

And indeed "why not" almost is the issue in and of itself is it not?

The movie does look like one of the propaganda campaigns of the opposition. But if the people there are not devout feminists cultists (or even if they are) the discussions post viewing should be useful, and exciting.

Captain Courageous

This is monumental Pacman!

That group at Pitzer College apparently bit the dust.

When your group succeeds, as I'm sure it will, others will copy it.



Well can't blame the guy if the founder simply graduted. I wouldnt want to hear he being shamed back into his cage.

There is ONE mens group here but I think it's pretty much on the line of Mens studie aka feminst agitprop.


Outstanding, Pacman.  Simply outstanding.  I'm very impressed.

Would you mind capturing video of your first meeting and uploading it to Youtube?  That would be a real inspiration for the MRM, and would provide some suggestions to other groups on how such meetings can be conducted on other campuses.


Hey Caption Courageous, u wasn't there another college that had a Men's Empowerment group or something? Or was that the one that shut down. I'd like to get in touch with them.

Captain Courageous

Hey Caption Courageous, u wasn't there another college that had a Men's Empowerment group or something? Or was that the one that shut down. I'd like to get in touch with them.

The group was in Chicago. It was either The University of Chicago or Loyola. The article was published in the Chicago Tribune in 2009 (?).

Captain Courageous

Try this (scroll through the comments to find the pro-MRA people):

Miles Groth
Harris Stuckey
Aaron Hunter
Rebecka October Richards
Marc Angelucci

Men's Rights Activist

I've heard the guy speak at UCLA and seen the video that's mentioned at another college.  It's as bad as they come - pure gender feminist propaganda, factually challenged, and consistently misandrist.  Bring a barf bag.
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The Biscuit Queen

It would be great if you knew what was in the video so you could bring proof of rebuttals.
he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.


Thats the new flyer...
I misspelled movement..
Then I added a website address (still under construction)



Went to the movie, and leafleted the crowd before hand. Some like the card some find it offensive.

The movie was pretty much along the lines of what I expected. It wasn't pure misandry - but there were allot of negative stereotypes which I think the film re-enforced. It was about 85% negative 15% positive on the idea of masculinity. Mostly showing what a mess men are in. Which isn't all together a bad thing as the MRM does this all the time, and it's somewhat true.

It was a good opportunity to introduce my group. They even mentioned the MRM but only in a single sentence in what looked like to me a juxtaposition to the KKK.

After the movie I made the comments that the movie had a overwhelming negative portrayal of masculinity as negative and a vice - (even mentioning that it's a public health problem) - and that this view was utterly negative and wrong.

The movie mostly used media stereotypes and attacked media and video games as the root of all evil. Over and over the media was blamed. I brought up the idea that the media isn't God and there are other factors involved and that this was a weakness in the film.

The film over and over equated masculinity with violence... that masculinity IS violence - it did not at all make clear that this is false or that this was a negative portrayal of it - the film simply went over the idea over and over and finally concluding that all masculinity is a farce, a charade and a pose.

I mentioned this to the discussion group afterward and they hit me with their feminist dogma of "all gender is a construct" - I called them down as having a very lopsided and tunnel vision view of social constructs and a ideological blindness - which they put back to me - that I had the same ideological blindness.

I thought about that but didn't have time to respond and finally came up with the conclusion that no - it was not my ideological loyalty that was in conflict with their ideology - it was my direct experience of life itself. I didn't get the opportunity to say that unfortunately.

It had a totally false Domestic Violence stat as it goes into portraying men as the sole violent criminals and people in the world.

Finally it inserts the idea that society should be more suspicious of average looking males because they could just flip-out and start shooting everyone at any time!

I didn't get to make all the comments I wanted post viewing the film, as I had many. But there was a decent discussion and was quite heated I felt. Blatant diverging views but at least decorum.

One of the things I thought was really remarkable was their bringing up the idea of "Cat-Calls" which I suggested was not as disastrous of an event as they felt it is. I got the STRONGEST of all reactions from my suggestion that "cat-calls" can be viewed in a positive way if one so chooses - Or that it is not harassment at all.

This made me think that perhaps the strongest reaction was simply a reflection of the frontier advancement of feminist ideology. As I recall "Cat-Calls" are now a hot topic which feminists are now demanding some kind of ghetto like measures to prevent offenders to whistle to the horror of passing women.

Anyway I got a chance to promote the group and suggested that more discussion could be ascertained next week if they so choose to attend my group. I'm glad I went - I think it was a good and auspicious moment to initiate the group...

one guy said to my surprise that he had already heard of the group - which was a surprise to me since I had not mentioned it even a day before to anyone on campus - as I gave him a flyer.

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