Men's Rights Movement Group at ASU

Started by Pacman7331, Feb 09, 2011, 01:29 AM

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The feminist symbols were a nice touch. Good job!  :MRm3:

That was to make clear that it's not about men vs. women. But that it's about being sick of the feminist message. We hear it every day in every strata of culture government and academia, but not everyone agrees with it 100% - we are tired of being bullied - and we have the right to express and discuss our views publicly on the topic with the diversity of men's views in mind.


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There she is... 4 others like her distributed around the campus.

dr e

Sweet!  Tell us how long they last.

There she is... 4 others like her distributed around the campus.
Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.


I don't think anyone is going to show up to this first meeting. It's 17 after and nobody is here.

Some maniac already attacked one of the signs... the very one in the photo, knocked it down and poured water on it. It's fine I put it back up.

I received some verbal support about the group. But who knows...

Probably haven't promoted enough... I used to throw raves... it was so damn hard to get anyone to actually come to the parties.

Or it could be the other obvious reasons.
Anyway... maybe better luck next time.


Hey, you got a reaction, Pacman, even if a negative one. Indeed better luck next time, and don't let 'em grind you down.
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Actually some folk showed up, right when I was about to leave. A male feminist and my advisor and another guy. So I'd say it's good. Shows over now though.


For future meetings you might want to select a discussion topic and promote the meeting as such.  Current events make the meeting especially relevant, and such events will attract attendees who otherwise wouldn't identify with a men's rights perspective.


Just wanted to see what you all thought of the updates I put on the website:

Particularly the essay on the front page.

Captain Courageous

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Just wanted to see what you all thought of the updates I put on the website:

Particularly the essay on the front page.


Regarding the links: Are you familiar with Chris Key's forum? He's a member here. The URL is


Hey I think you meant a voice for men not advice for men, in the links section


Found out one of my signs got taken down today. The one in the picture. I was told there is a grounds policy of approval - but then I called grounds and they told me they did not have it. I didn't bother going through grounds for approval as someone told me if I had a student org it should be ok to promote.

So don't know if it's censorship or vandalism.


they hit me with their feminist dogma of "all gender is a construct"

Funny how they DON'T say that when only men are getting attacked and put down.

Must be nice to have a totally unprovable retort like that. Nothing is absolute, everything is relative. Next time they say that, tell them there's no proof of that and move on.


The very word "gender" is socially constructed -- by feminists -- as a way of de-linking sex from what they call sex roles.  The word "gender" is also the vehicle through which a host of behaviors are normalized and legitimized.  Thus it was no longer considered "natural" to be a hetrosexual masculine male, or a hetrosexual feminine female.  The concept of gender now fragmented what was once a normalized and distinct definition, and created a whole host of exceptions.  They actually have an "exceptional" name that applies to what was once considered normal:  "cis-gendered," i.e. a hetrosexual masculine male who self-identifies as such, or a heterosexual feminine female who identifies as such.  This is one of the effects of cultural Marxism, i.e. to make distinct meanings of words and concepts blurry, and thus legitimize what was once considered illegitimate.

Cultural Marxism is a social construct, and the concept of gender is a construct born out of cultural Marxism.

The Biscuit Queen

So hit them back with asking why the government funds VAWA when far more men are victims of violence than women? If gender is a construct there would be no reason to fund one over the other, especially when it is opposite of the need.

Isn't a direct corrolation, but the point is to find areas where women benefit by being women, and threaten to take away that benefit by agreeing with them.
he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.


Yeah, if gender is a social construct, I'm going to start walking into all the "Women Only" facilities I can, and if people yell and scream I'll just tell them "Hey, chill. Gender is a social construct. Therefore, I'm a woman because I say I am."

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