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Started by The Biscuit Queen, Feb 27, 2011, 02:51 PM

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The Biscuit Queen

I just wanted to let everyone know I am taking a break from the computer for a while. I find myself getting very argumentative, worked up, and frustrated by a lot of things on the internet, as well as obsessively spending time on it and I think I need to just walk away for a while. I will check my email once a day, so if anyone needs anything pm me.  I have a lot of artistic endeavors as well as family and working full time, so this will be a good chance to live in the real world a little more.

See you in a few months.

he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.

Captain Courageous

I too find myself getting virtually "addicted" to this stuff.

I'm not recommending "Internet Rehab" or a 12-step program, just sayin' ...


Sorry to hear that, I enjoy your posts.

Men's Rights Activist

Your probably coming down with Spring Fever.  As the weather gets better, most snow birds gravitate to outdoor activities.  Your probably just sensing a change in the seasons and getting ready to spend more time outdoors.  I've noticed over the years how most blogs go idle in fairer weather.  No matter, take care and have fun.  We'll see ya again next winter, hopefully.
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Resting is a good thing.  Take a deap breath, read a book, watch a movie or two... Come back when you are rejuvinated Jen.

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dr e

Indeed Jen.  Take a break for a while and come back stronger.  This stuff is so frustrating and mind boggling.  That people cannot see what is squarely in front of their face...and that is exhausting after a while.  Especially when they paint themselves as compassionate and caring.  OMG.
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Enjoy the rest Jen. Sometimes it feels good to walk away.

Speaking of breaks though, has anyone seen hide or hair of Gonzo?
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Mr. X

Taking a break is good. Things can really work you up on the internet. Its nice to get away from these issues for a while.
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I remember when I attended a 2007 men's rights conference in Washington, D.C. called Boys and the Boy Crisis, Jen was in attendance.  During the conference, Glenn Sacks gave a presentation about misandry, in which he showed a clip from the animated movie Flushed Away.  During the clip, we saw example after example of how the physical suffering of the protagonist male character was portrayed as humorous.  As Jen watched each example of misandry flash across the screen, she audibly counted them out.  As I listened to her verbally tallying up the misandrist offenses in the movie, I imagined her doing this within a movie theater while surrounded by other paying customers.  I also wondered whether she might do the same thing at home while her family was gathered in front of the TV for "family DVD night" or whatever.  And as I imagined these things, I wondered, "This woman sure seems to have a major chip on her shoulder on behalf of men's rights.  Thank goodness for her." :headbang:

But I could also imagine Jen's righteous passion against misandry might occasionally well up into argumentativeness, and if so, she's prudent to take a break from The Cause.  Too much online combat against misandrists might tend to fan the flames of a contrarian spirit, and it's all too easy to get caught up in the battle.  So enjoy your break, Jen...  We all need one from time to time.


Last week I canceled my cable TV service. I want to see if I like women better if I don't watch cable TV. My theory is that media feminists are doing a far better job of spreading hatred of women than we ever could. I can think of maybe one or two women I have seen on TV that I would want anything to do with. Not to mention that I have been subsidizing a lot of misandry with my $70.00 per month. Anyway I have decided to twist Timothy Leary's words a little bit and "Turn Off, Tune Out, and Drop Out."
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BQ, there is nothing wrong with spending a little time in the real world, so long as it does not become just a way to escape from virtual living. I know of many people who have become addicted to real world living and now, that is ALL they do. Just be careful. That is all I'm saying. OK? :greener:
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Good luck BQ, hope to see you back soon.
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Good luck and see you soon! Enjoy the break and your family. Most have likely noticed I am slower on things anymore since I was burning out and decided to pace myself.


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